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  1. @IronManJFF Hi, I Tell you 3 week's ago, the last thing to do in my test, what with i7, on an other MOBO the i7 works. The Quo MOBO can go away. Tk's for your help.
  2. IronMan, I am a good soldier and I try all your idea ;-) But from tomorrow and for one week, I will be out for holidays :-) I try one by one all the RAM slot, nothing more. I test the buzzer on the other MB, beep. On the QUO, without RAM, no more beep. Not the Power supply, 2 different. Not RAM, test on another computer. Not the buzzer :-) test on another computer. Not the screen :-) work with the other computer AND tell 2 times when I start the Quo Board no video signal I need to test the CPU on the other MB What else ? Time for coffee ? Too late in France, but tomorrow time for holiday : YES. I give you the end of the story when I test the CPU on the other board. Tks a lot. Friendly.
  3. I test all yours tricks... # 5 the Hard Drive turn, I disconnect the Sys fan 1 and 2 (noise) and stop with my finger the CPU fan, when I stop the board with a long press on the start button, I heard the moise down on the drive. I test the RAM on an other computer, ok. CPU, I don't want to exchange quickly the CPU with the other board for testing, this is the same socket. The other board run just a i3 the Quo MB an i7k. I test that way later in early September. I need that computer for a job at the end of august, so one dead MB, I prefer waiting ;-). Sound like a dead mother board ? Tsk again IronMan
  4. IronMan : Tks for your help. The MB > Nothing more... no beep no screen just the fan I test something more, I exchange the Power Supplies, One day I forget to kick in the P4, the fan was running, but no bios and boot. It was may last idea. From your side ? Sincerely.
  5. Hi, today My Quo didn't start. First I was on the way to flash back to PC an old graphic card, Sapphire 5870 Vapor-X working with an Mac OS bios I disconnect everything on the board, SSD, Hard drive, DVD.. Every thing was out except the Sapphire and the USB was in to boot. I press the start button. No beep No screen, the screen tell " no signal" Black screen the CPU fan turn the fan 1 and 2 over the motherboard turn Try the clear CMOS on the board. (I remove electricity and touch for a few second the 2 pins. I try to use the intel graphic no beep black screen. Need some help. Tks
  6. nothing more from my side, sorry...
  7. did you removed the graphic card of the motherboard ?
  8. System pref.... of course :-) Tks a lot Too easy, to found that by myself :-) That board is really more Mac that I was thinking. I test later the last part of your post, for Windows... But once again Tks
  9. Hi need some help. I update the BIOS to 1479. I am 2 drive : -SSD apple OS X 10.10 - Hard drive Windows 8.1 I want to manage the first boot OS. If I press F12 : please select boot device Built-In EDK Shell Recovery HD Built-In EDK Shel SSD APPLE Recovery HD SSD APPLE Windows Boot Manager Built-In EDK Shell Enter Setup ​I select enter setup go to BIOS Feautures Boot Order : Boot option #1 Disabled Boot option #2 Built-In EDK Shell Boot option #3 Built-In EDK Shell Boot option #4 SSD Apple Boot option #5 Recovery HD Boot option #6 Built-In EDK Shell You can see nothing in that listing on Windows boot manager, but I start straight on windows ? If I choose Boot option #1 SSD Apple I press F10 save and exit save & Exit Setup I choose YES And I boot in Windows??? Shut down enter Setup Boot option #1 is back to disabled ??? ​No windows boot manager in this list??? Most of the time I want to be in OS X, so I would like to be directly in OS X Do you need something more to help me ? Tks
  10. Johny each time someone ask this kind of question, a lot of people in this forun, said this is not the place for this kind of question, so ... But : this is not a good question. Why ? Quo don't get that board in stock, they are not able to delivery all their kickstarter client.
  11. Translation after the French text : Oui, merci, d'arrêter tout ce bruit, à chaque fois quand un utilisateur parle de Quo. Même si tu as déjà dit, the King n'est pas Rashantha, à force, cela deviens impossible de ne pas le croire. Merci beaucoup pour tout le reste. P.S. j'ai ma carte mère, mais pas mon Bluetooth/WIFI, ce n'est pas de la diffamation, c'est la réalité, que cela te plaise ou non. English text Yes, thank you, stop all this noise every time when a user speaks Quo. Even if you have already said, the King is not Rashantha to force it become impossible not to believe. Thank you so much for everything. PS I have my motherboard but not my Bluetooth / WIFI, this is not slander, this is the reality, whether you like it or not.
  12. Bios xxx ??? never flash your bios ???
  13. :-) Yes no pin out, then in (where???) And with my Quo board, I don't have any more space in the back panel for a plate...
  14. On my side, I don't use any argument.