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  1. Snow.

    DSTD and kext help

    Dear Emarad I couldn't find any kext or package for this network card, I think your best solution is to go and buy a USB wifi adapter or how you call it I think it will be much easier to install and so. Good luck
  2. Snow.

    DSTD and kext help

    Lol. My bad I forgot how it's written. I agree with you that they could be found on the web but it's quite a pain in the ass to find them. Well as Gringo said you should use a retail OSX. About the network card it's still in progress
  3. Snow.

    DSTD and kext help

    I see I'll do a research about your network card and will get back to you, about the OsX I would suggest checking the iAtkos Versions or the iDeneb version they both might have the kext you need it's just I think they have a package for TP Link, you know instead of searching a specific Kext you might find a package which contains your driver. And for DSTD umm... you can check the OsX86 forums Just use the search bar there I'm sure you could find something useful there.
  4. Snow.

    DSTD and kext help

    There you go: ATI How To - http://www.insanelym...870-on-leopard/ Realtek ALC888 - http://www.osx86.net...osx_10.8.2.html (Compatible) 10.5.x - Unknown 10.6.x - No 10.7.x - Unknown 10.8.x - Yes For your WiFi card I can't seem to find kext or package. About the DSTD I'm not that expert so in this case I can't help you out Did you installed your OSX? if not I would suggest installing the iPortable 1.6 10.6.2 Osx which I'm using now. Then you could manage to install other OsX or just upgrade your version.
  5. Snow.

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello insanely users ;P I'm Snow.