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  1. I used trial version of AIDA64 in windows. . There will be a small icon at the bottom left corner in AIDA64 Window and there will be a sub option to dump video bios when you click that icon. .. it worked like a charm for me where every other tools failed. ..
  2. Hello Trucker, Just completed reading all the pages in the thread, it took a while since there are lots of references to other threads. Great and tough work all together. So here I am. I managed to install Mountain Lion (10.8.3) on my HP EliteBook 8460p and I am using Chimera (v1.11.1 r1394) as my boot loader. My laptop came with a AMD Radeon HD 6470M as the only Graphics card (No integrated graphics). It has a Display Port and a VGA port in addition to the LVDS. Now the problem is, VGA and Display Ports are working flawlessly without any modding to the stock kexts, but not the LVDS. Here is a pic which shows the LVDS's current situation. It is like half of the desktop is spanned across the complete screen. After failing with a lot of BIOS extraction tools, I managed to extract my VBIOS with AIDA64 and decoded it using "radeon_bios_decode". I am so confused to proceed further since I can see 5 connectors in the output. I am downloading xcode and once it is completed, I will run the "ati-personality.pl" and see what I can do with it. Mean while can you suggest some thing with you experience which might help me to sort out the problem. Attached my untouched DSDT, VBIOS dump and Radeon Bios Decode ouput for your reference. Connecter Info from Video BIOS.rtf DSDT and VBIOS.zip Here are a few more screenshots for your reference.
  3. Hello Guys, Any Progress on AMD Radeon HD 6470M LVDS fix?? I am on a HP Elitebook 8460p with Mountain Lion (10.8.3) installed. I am using a VGA monitor as the LVDS is not completely functional. Without any modding to the Graphics kexts, I can see the following in System Information/Graphics. And the Display Preferences. VGA is working without any issues. LVDS shows only half of the desktop spanned across entire screen in scrambled colours. Attached a screenshot of my VGA ad a snap of the LVDS. I have tried many of the AtiConfig=FrameBuffer without any positive results. None of them got the LVDS even half working like now and some of them disabled my VGA also.Hoping for a solution to this LVDS problem pretty soon. Thanks in advance for any sort of help. Srinu