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  1. Thanks MSoK, I can boot into the EFI but not many options except for boot order, I set the VT-X from the Vsphere advanced tab, still no joy?
  2. Guys I got another thread going, but this one is getting alot of views, but Im getting the Apple splash screen on the setup, I did the unlock script. But I did have the esxi controlled by Vcenter at one point but removed it. Could this be causing my issue. BTW im running esxi 5.1 on a Dell with PE5700.
  3. ESXi 5.1 799733

    Yes its the ML from the appstore, I grabbed the install.dmg converted it to iso, I have two different ESXi hosts I used it on, one is a Dell Inspiron 537 w Pentium E5700 Dual Cores, the other is a AMD A8-5500 HP box. The Pentium box gets shell screen with HD and CD unsussefull, the AMD gets the Apple logo. I didnt turn on VT-x I will do that see if it makes a difference. turned on VT-x form the vsphere client, wont let me in BIOS, only option is EFI.
  4. Guys, Please help me out, Ive patched the Datastore with the latest v110. I created a new Host with 10.7 64bit, trying to install ML, or LION, but keep getting the apple splash screen and nothing else. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Do I need to mask the CPU ID ? THanks O