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  1. I forgot install vanilla kernel, can I fix it without reinstall Mac OS ? THX
  2. Intel Wireless driver

    How to hack BIOS on HP laptop? Is there guide?
  3. I want dual boot vista & leopard, but Boot Camp say: You must upgrade computer firmware. Without Boot Camp I muss set active partiton before start system I have core 2 duo and EFI MBR (guid = b0 error) thx
  4. Know anybody, how to make this ( ) but Mac OS X Leopard & Windows Vista on Laptop with EFI?Thank you
  5. Intel Wireless driver

    Is iwi3945 rel 548 now working? Or which wireless card is recomenden for HP Pavilion(PCI-e)?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for best instalation metod. I want dualboot Mac os Leopard & windows Vista. I have downloaded iAtkos, Kalyway and virgin Leopard. What is the best metod make it work? I need step by step guide. (sorry, for my bad english) my specifikation Hp pavilion Core 2 duo, 1,5ghz 2Gb ram nVidia go 8400m 160gb hdd, sata Thank you
  7. Install problems with Kaly and iAtkos

    I have the same problem, on my pc is Err2Err3
  8. Is nVidia 8400m working? Thanks
  9. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Is nVidia 8400m working? I need resolution 1280x800 is this possible?
  10. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Try anybody EFI on this laptop?
  11. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    It isn't work, Mac can't find any Wireless Network . I have Asus A6T
  12. Vista + Tiger dual boot

    I boot in to Mac OS Tiger, run terminal and type: sudo -s diskutil list (vista is disk 0, partition 1) fdisk -e /dev/rdis1, p, w, q after reboot is the same error.. I read guide for instalation vista and tiger, in this guide is: Insert your Mac OS X Installation Disc and reboot. When you get to the screen asking to hit "any key" or "F8", hit "F8" and type "-s" and hit enter but if I insert DVD, then start Mac OS X Tiger and I cant hit F8...
  13. Vista + Tiger dual boot

    I type this in terminal and now I cant turn on Tiger or Vista... Maybye I make mystake, I try reinstall Mac and type this again...
  14. Hi, I was installed Windows Vista and Mac OS X Tiger on AMD PC. Vista is installed first and then Tiger, but I muss have in DVD-ROM insert Mac OS DVD else give me error : HFS+ partition error. If I have Tiger in DVD, then I can run Mac OS, but no Windows and I need boot Vista for instalation easyBCD. Can anyone help me? Thank you Sorry for my bad english.