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    SpeedStepper (now supports Mountain Lion 10.8.3)

    take a look at this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=274782&st=20 You'll need to patch your IntelCPUMonitor. People generally have had success with this.
  2. If you can, in your BIOS settings try setting the HDD mode to ATA instead of AHCI. However, this might not resolve the problem and it may lie in your OSX partition being inactive. You should make the OSX partition active with Chameleon RC3, and everything should work fine. Use fdisk in terminal from your OSX Install DVD to set your OSX partition active.
  3. delirumhappy

    where can i get snow leopard full..?

    I thought you could do a fresh install with the upgrade DVD
  4. Ok, First, try booting with "arch=i386" or "-x32" For your trackpad, download VoodooPS2Controller.kext (complied for SL) Then modify it's contents, replacing and renaming a Leopard ApplePS2Trackpad.kext VoodooHDA should work, try installing it with Kext Helper For your graphics, add GraphicEnabler (as a key) to your com.apple.boot.plist Then add "y" for the string Also, this might help, but try updating to 10.6.1 Ohh, and welcome to the forums!
  5. delirumhappy

    Shutdown/Restart problem using NVinject.kext

    8400M GS , but I couldn't figure out how to generate them...
  6. delirumhappy

    Problem with Add-on Realtek 8139 card

    Why not use the built-in ethernet port on the motherboard? I have that same MO and ethernet works fine (10.5.6) But try looking @ this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...php/t70064.html
  7. Hey guys, I'm using SL 10.6.1, and ever since I've installed the NVinject.kext, my shutdown and restart has had problems. My laptop will not shutdown or restart properly, but I have enabled sleep and that works fine. Please help! Thanks in advance
  8. I would also like to add that the 10.6.1 fixed MOST of my problems, which include: DVD recognition and... FULL SUPPORT FOR MY 8400M GS!!! yay!!! But..my trackpad still does not work, has anyone gotten theirs to work?
  9. Didn't work... Do you know if those guys used the DSDT patch? Or did they use a custom SMBIOS? EDIT: Well i applied the DSDT patch and added the SMBIOS.plist in my ./Extra/Extensions and unfortunately I still dont have full support for my GFX Is my related to using the NVinject.kext? cause I remember when i was on 10.5.4 my 8400m gs had FULL QE/CI support (using the 10.5.2 NVIDIA kexts)
  10. Has anyone got full QE/CI support for the 8400m GS? I'm currently using NVinject (v2.2) and it allows me to display @ full resolution (1280x800) BUT i don't have QE/CI support enabled!!! Please help! (I've also included the kext) NVinject.kext.zip
  11. Hey has anyone got the voodoops2contoller to work with the Vostro 1400?
  12. just wondering what exactly did you do to be able to install SL on your Vostro 1400. Im trying to do the same thing on my 1400, but everytime i boot the SL install partition, i get a kernel panic.
  13. I have a Vostro 1400, is it okay if I use the trackpad configuration from the Vostro 1500 for my Vostro 1400?
  14. I had a similar problem... Try setting your OSX drive as the first one in HDD order, and your Windows drive after it. (OSX before Windows in HDD order)