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  1. Hello Guys, So, I have a new setup and having a few glitches I am having trouble working through. 1. USB 3.0 currently doesn't work, it will mount a USB 3 drive temporarily and then disconnect as if it doesn't have power. I used the USB 3.0 kext (CalDigit), which required me to then delete them as it froze on launch (Mouse would freeze in top left, keyboard fails to work. Doesn't matter how long it sits there-this we realized was due to the hardware I have). 2. Currently I can only make the audio port on the front of my computer work, the ports on the back do not function. This is even with the audio kext added. 3. Lastly, Google Chrome and Skype do not work. I removed the app and all associated files, and even with a clean install of the application, it still crashes within 2-5 minutes of launch (and Skype will not even open). Specs: Motherboard Z77X-UD5H CPU 3770K Graphics 660TI 120GB SSD as main drive 4 additional drives (not SSDs) Thank you guys!