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  1. Despite my finest efforts to install OS X from a USB stick, I was unsuccessful. I bought an external DVD drive to run the installation, and I can confirm, it works! Some issues ocurred that made the installation weird: I downloaded the Torrent you specified, but I couldn't find a Time machine patch when customizing the installation. The computer blinks an underscore on the screen for about one to two minutes before actually booting from the cd. The CD wouldn't boot (instead of booting, a text saying "'com.apple.Boot.Slist' not found" blinked on the screen) when I only waited when it asked to either press F8 or wait or press any key to boot from the cd. I got it to boot by customizing the boot by pressing F8 and writing "-v" (without commas). I don't exactly know what I did by using -v but it worked. This method works and if you do everything by the book, you will have a working Toshiba Portégé R200 Hackintosh laptop. Enjoy!
  2. I am having trouble booting this thing from a usb drive. As you know, the Portege R200 doesn't have a cd drive and I am wondering, what is the absolute correct way to boot this installer from a USB drive? Did you use an external disk drive to boot from a DVD or did you work some magic to get it to boot from a removable drive?