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  1. MSoK, I noticed that the darwin500.iso and the v4 iso links on rapidshare are no longer valid and need updating. However, I do have a question. I have: - ESXi Version 5.0.0 (455964) - MacOSXUnlocker 1.1.0 - 2 X Intel Xeon E5335/Tyan S5397/Seaburg i5400 chipset - OSX 10.4.11 (Tiger) Server I know Tiger is an old o/s, but when I decided to virtualize the Mac Server upgrading first would be a painful task for myself but more for the Art Dept (as it is I pretty much had to steal the server without asking them in order to get some time with it.) Anyhow, I have OSX installed on ESXi and working. A few things I noticed: - The server is sluggish (probably due to the anemic graphics chip on the mobo) - USB Devices tend to freeze if doing large data transfers (thus being unstable) I was wondering if installing the vmware tools via the darwin500.iso would help solve my instablity issues with the USB? I had tried installing different versions of the tools on copies of this server but every time I did, I would get a panic and ACPI error, or they would crash during installation. I am not sure if the darwin500.iso is different than the ones that I tried previously or would work better with my installation, or I am just better going out and getting a PCI-e USB/Firewire expansion card and doing a passthrough to the card. Much appreciation on your work and effort (and others) that was necessary to get my server on ESXi.