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  1. thats awesome, if i had the money i would buy a cheap powermac g4 as a pure torrent machine that is never turned off, but alas im broke . @Falcon351 All im saying is that a screen saver would be better than leaving the screen a little dimmed for hours on end. On a Macbook Pro, the screen saver would use no CPU, maybe a little GPU, but youre right it wouldnt affect downloading at all. But your best bet is to put the screen to sleep.
  2. hp4life

    My Mac Feels ICKY!

    is that a quicklook of system profiler, or a different leopard theme? but dont your computers feel sluggish after a few days from all the memory usage, or do you use ifreemem or something?
  3. It does work, and its awesome, thank you apple!!! Airport disk performance has also improved ten fold. With Leopard, 7.1 was the only reliable firmware to have, but i still had to restart my base station every time i unplugged my drive. 7.3.1 is much more speedy and reliable.
  4. hp4life

    My Mac Feels ICKY!

    yeah i just raced my ibook 900mhz G3 running 10.4.11 against my macbook and the G3 won! i have tried defragmenting, and maintenance scripts, but ill try again. I might reinstall leopard and see how it goes.
  5. hp4life

    [Sell] iBook G3 800MHz

    nice job you finally sold it!! and at around the price you were asking
  6. hp4life

    My Mac Feels ICKY!

    how does yours boot up so fast?! my late 2006 macbook takes 40-60 sec to boot up. although i did do an archive and install from a relatively fresh tiger install. if i erased my drive and did a clean install do you think i can get your kind of start up times. By the way, I am the same way about reinstalling, I constantly feel like i could be getting better performance, I do this with Firefox and Safari too... whenever a new beta comes out I switch to it, and then switch back, its kind of annoying.
  7. yeah i would at least put the display to sleep or the screen saver on, if anything youre doing damage to the display. otherwise you should be fine.
  8. hp4life

    Can I install Leopard on my iBook

    hey if i knew the answer i would tell you, but there have been so many threads related to installing leopard on a 800mhz machine, just look around a little. i would back up your machine though, ive heard some have had problems with hacked leopard installs.
  9. dude a 256mb video card is going to be way more than you need for simple dvd watching and internet streaming. It will even be passable for most modern games. My macbook with a 64mb integrated card can stream hd content, and play dvds amazingly. JUST BUY IT, you will not regret it.
  10. its too bad you didnt look at the premium apple charges for hard drives and ram, you wouldve gotten a nicer computer for less.
  11. you could probably get an 867mhz powermac g4 for that much, and almost a mac mini g4 or 1ghz imac g4
  12. You do realize though that the Air is half as thin as the Powerbook, 1.6 pounds lighter, and a bigger screen. Apple doesn't want to be like the competition with smaller screens. Theyve found that 13.3" is the perfect compromise between size and portability and I agree. Remember too that the first powerbook had a lot of lost features too: 640mb max ram, no gigabit ethernet, etc. The Air will only get much, much better in the next 2 years or so.
  13. seriously, i dont see what everyone is complaining about. We all wanted a replacement for the 12" powerbook, that was thinner and lighter than a macbook and that's what we got. Sure it doesn't have some of the ports, or a replaceable battery, but that was the design in mind. Other companies sacrifice looks and processor speed, Apple chose other things. The Air is designed for people who want a super thin laptop, that they can carry everywhere. And Awwadofgum, I dont see where youre coming from, if you step on any laptop its going to be damaged, and wouldn't you be careful enough with it not to lose it? SSD is the future of laptop drives, and Apple is bringing this technology to the masses. Even the complaints about no ehternet port or replaceable battery aren't that important, since there is a usb-ethernet adapter, and there will probably be external battery packs available. Apple is taking a risk with this device, and I'm glad they have gotten back to computers, instead of ipods and phones.
  14. hp4life

    Safari 3 problem

    thanks, ill try that next time it wont load.
  15. hp4life

    Safari 3 problem

    Sometimes Safari wont load the apple start up page. It will load every other web page, just not any apple.com/... Its not my connection because Firefox will load the page while Safari displays an error message. Also many times, the apple page will not display any of its images correctly in Safari. I know this isnt a huge deal, but it is very annoying. Any thoughts? Should I reinstall? Thanks Bill