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    [How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

    SMCWUSB-G (Ez Connect 802.11g Wireless USB2.0 Adapter) This Wifi adapter have a ZyDAS chipset, so Altheros doesn't support anymore OSX, anyway on this site you can have the drivers and also some interesting hack info. the drivers here.
  2. Akueikyou

    Uphuck 10.4.10 update?

    I would update to 10.4.10 and after it use Pacifist to install just the azalia and GMA900 drivers.
  3. Akueikyou

    ALC861 - Completely desperate

    Somebody can clean up this topic of this nonsense and just keep it for ALC861? I also have this sound system but no luck after installing the 10.4.9 combo update.. Anyway I heard somebody got lucky using the AppleHDAPatcher and the alc861a linux codec dump.. Actually I'm searching for that file but I'm not too optimistic.. If you really want to use it, I suggest you to downgrade to 10.4.8 and it will work with azalia.
  4. Theoricaly, you just need to delete frontrow.app from core services (in System/Library/) and replace bezel files from 10.4.6 AND 10.4.5, because, there are files not updated in 10.4.6, or so I remember Please, be more specific about what method did you use in order to install and uninstall frontrow. That can drop some light to your problem. CCG: is your graphics card QE/CI compatible? what methods did you try? did you install Frontrow enabler?
  5. Hi, I wanted to ask you about how to change the frontrowpass.kext in order to use it as an apple keyboard kext, just I have a mighty mouse (wired) and even changing the AppleHIDMouse.kext I can't use frontrow (installed). Ah, QE/CI running like a clock Thanks for it, I really apreciate. (I had a 10.4.6 ihack with a kensington mouse and just tweaking the USBfamily.kext frontrow worked amazingly). This time, fresh 10.4.7 JAS updated installation.
  6. Akueikyou

    Front Row on JAS 10.4.6 ?

    Move the file to the "Pacifist" active window, and then select the option: install.
  7. Akueikyou

    iMovie and iDVD ?

    Perhaps not everybody had noticed it, but when installing PatchBurn, you must select the ¨experts option¨ then you will see clearly another option what let you add iDVD support.
  8. Akueikyou

    DesktopManager 0.53 - Intel

    Hey! Not everybody here is so ungrattefully, thanks you a lot for that release
  9. Akueikyou

    Will having the right machine let you use iDVD?

    With the new release (10.4.3 8f1111) the altivec functions are enabled.. So it must be useable!
  10. Actually I'm fighting with partitions and all stuff. Doing some google, I found a program named VolumeWorks what promises to be able to "Resize Partitions On-the-Fly".. I don't know a reliable partition manager program for Mac and it really was quite interesting. Anyway, the partitions of man can be a serious matter, then I informed before act. VolumeWorks crictic This guy says VolumeWorks can damage seriously yours partition, even dump it completely. There's any brave to prove it? Volumeworks?