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  1. Web Driver for Security Update Web driver 2018-003 (17G7024) is now out: https://www.nvidia.com/content/DriverDownload-March2009/confirmation.php?url=/Mac/Quadro_Certified/387. Driver 387. Lou
  2. I'm really puzzled by your post! Have you read any of the other posts here? Apple and Nvidia are both acting like jerks. There are no Web Drivers for Mojave and no Turing Drivers for any Mac OS. This is widely known by most folks committed to the Mac. Articles have been written about it, Forums have many posts about it, petitions have been submitted concerning the issues. But, the lack of information by either company is deafening in it's non-existence. Lou
  3. Web Driver for Build No. 17G6030: https://images.nvidia.com/mac/pkg/387/WebDriver-387. Lou
  4. Guys - The pulled 108 driver is working just fine with build No. (17G6030). Lou
  5. ^^^^You really don't need that. Just completely remove the previous Web Driver, and allow Gatekeeper to allow the installation of Web Driver 108. Those kind of patches can cause OS issues down the road. Lou
  6. ^^^^Actually No. It was removed because some users didn't really know how to properly use it. And, it also violated some of Gatekeeper's rules. Driver 108 is here: Lou
  7. ^^^^Yes, but in HS. No support for Mojave. Lou
  8. ^^^^Actually the latest Nvidia web driver is 387., but it's for HS build (17G5019). Lou
  9. ^^^AFAIK, you downloaded a Beta security update. Nvidia does not issue drivers for Beta OSs. However, the pulled 387. web driver should work. Though Nvidia's current instruction is to completely uninstall that driver. But, just for the record, I am still using it. Lou
  10. A new Cuda driver was released this morning: https://www.nvidia.com/content/DriverDownload-March2009/confirmation.php?url=/Mac/cuda_418/cudadriver_418.105_macos.dmg&lang=us&type=GeForce V418.105 Lou
  11. ^^^^Been that way for as long as I can remember. The supported page only lists "Mac Edition" cards, not all cards that work in a Mac environment. My card is a GTX 1080 flashed by MVC. Lou
  12. ^^^^Some models of the GTX 1060 have trouble on a Mac. The GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 seem to be OK. I am running a Gigabyte GTX1080 in HS. I recommend another GPU. Lou
  13. ^^^^Cuda is only supported with Nvidia Web Drivers. AgaIn, Apple Drivers do not support Cuda. Lou
  14. flowrider

    Nvidia Titan X not working Mac High Sierra

    The above answer is incorrect. You need to read this thread: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/titan-x-not-working-in-sierra.2013748/ Lou
  15. Nvidia Web Driver 387. works will ALL versions of HS. And, BTW, 17G66 is the last build of HS. The latest Driver for Cuda is 410.130. Lou
  16. New Web Driver (f13) for Build (16G1815) is here: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/142128/en-us Lou
  17. ^^^^Thanks for the Link Where the heck did you get it???? Lou
  18. And now the Official Web Driver for Security Update 003 has now been released: https://images.nvidia.com/mac/pkg/387/WebDriver-387. However, I'm stickin' with the old 108 driver! Lou
  19. ^^^^Cuda 410.130 is recognized and does indeed work with the old 108 driver and HS Security Update 003. Lou
  20. ^^^^Go ahead and wait? Just posted to let folks know, not trying to start an argument here! The answer to both your questions is YES! Lou
  21. Web Driver 387. still supports HS Security Update 003, build #(17G4015). Lou
  22. ^^^^The latest Web Driver 387. does not. The pulled driver 387. does. But, the earlier pulled driver is almost impossible to find. Lou
  23. From Nvidia's website today: "Apple's recently released macOS 10.14 (Mojave) does not support CUDA. For CUDA developers who are on macOS 10.13, it is recommended to not upgrade to Mojave. Developers may not be able to use Xcode 10 to build GPU applications or run CUDA applications. Both macOS 10.13.6 and Xcode 9.4 support CUDA and work great with CUDA 10. NVIDIA is working with Apple to get Mojave to support CUDA". Lou
  24. ^^^^Nothing new about that. You'll find it in the first post on the first page. Lou