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  1. [Guide] Lenovo B570 with Mountain Lion

    Dear experts! Please, who can explain the nature of artefacts on the screen that appear from time to time despite everything. And what can be the reason for hanging/freezing the system randomly (once/twice a day/ in two days/etc). Overheating? But thermal paste on CPU and VIDEOCARD was replaced and the CPU temp ranges 45-69 degrees (depending on workload). OSX was re-installed for several times, all updates were applied (including chamelion and fake smc updates, etc), yet the problem with system hanging remained. With Ububtu the same laptop works perfectly - neither artefacts nor hangs/freeze. Thank you! P.S. Hanging of the system is the major problem for me and I hope sombody hint me the reason for it. Lenovo b570/HD 3000/8 RAM/ OSX 10.8.3.
  2. Lenovo B570

    To: data14 Which AppleHDA do you use? Is your mic functional? Did you patch DSDT to make your sound and mic function? I am asking because I use VoodooHDA and mic is not working, and would like to fix this issue. Thank your in advance!