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  1. DSDT patch for TOSHIBA Satellite L750

    Thank you for responding ! How am I gonna create this installer , and how am I going to do a retail install without using #####(i have ML bought from the app store)? Also ,up until now,I did everything , from Chimera to keyboard kexts through ##### due to the simplicity it provided , so ,I am gonna need a little bit of extra guidance here ..sorry for the lack of knowledge Spkone
  2. DSDT patch for TOSHIBA Satellite L750

    Hello I am an owner of a Toshiba satellite l750-1GN Laptop ( http://www.toshibamea.com/ComputerProduct/4/Satellite_L750-1GN/50058?pageid=4 ) . I have ML installed through Unibe@@t anddd.... it seems that it is working well , i have ethernet and wifi kexts installed , graphics seem to be working BUT i have no sound, HDMI , VGA , USB 3.0 and i need to unplug after i shut down in order to boot up and of course the missing DSDT . The thing is i am a newbie to the hackintosh world ( i am into things for about a week ) and i have no ideas regarding DSDTs and that's why i am asking in this section , it would be too cool if i just had to copy and paste files since you guys have already worked this out.What is of paramount importance is that i am close to a deadline for a presentation at school and i need audio to be working , everything else is secondary . Spkone