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  1. Not true. The BIOS recognizes GUID partitions just fine. The key here is that the EFI partition MUST be formatted in FAT32. Place your Clover folders in there and the BIOS will boot it with no problems. Works fine on my UX31A BIOS 219. Adi
  2. Soooo many hours wasted and I still can't boot my installed 10.9 GM without the -x switch. I'm honestly about to give up. Has anyone managed to boot it without the -x switch once it's installed ? What are the .kexts that you used ? A simple list would put me out of my misery.. Thanks in advance. Adi
  3. Did you flash a patched BIOS or something ? Normally, when you press escape and you select he Setup option, it will take you into your BIOS setup.. It has never happened to me before.. I posted the instructions on how i flashed my patched BIOS from Windows a few posts back. You can try the same procedure but without the file change trick. Adi
  4. It's quiet in here.. Sorry to be a pest but has anyone managed to install 10.9 GM yet ? Thx, Adi
  5. I used PMPatch over here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285444-pmpatch-uefi-patching-utility/ I posted the flashing method earlier. I don't understand how come I still need AICPUPM after having the flashed patched BIOS.. As for the steps, i followed them but I'm not getting very far after that. I can't boot into the OS X installer with -V or with anything for that matter. I only managed to boot in the installer by using the kexts on the first post of this thread, hence why I think that I must be missing something.. Do you have a list of your current good working and needed kexts for 10.9 ? Thx for your input, Adi
  6. Here are more observations in my attempt to install 10.9 GM. - Even though my 219 BIOS is patched, removing NullCPUPowerManagement.kext causes KP in AICPUPM.. If I used the AICPUPM from the first page of this thread, the KP goes away. I was under the impression that using patched BIOS prevents KP when using original AICPUPM... Either this is no longer valid with 10.9 or i'm missing something else. - I literally had to use a cocktail of extensions present in the first post of this thread to get the OS X installer to start up. I then managed to install OS X but I believe i made the mistake of telling MYHACK to use the /Extra folder on the USB key for the HD installation of OS X. Because of this, I can only boot the installed OS X with the -X switch otherwise, it will boot up and I will be stuck with a grey backround screen 68x or anyone who has managed to install 10.9, can you give me a list of extensions that you used to start the installer and then to boot up 10.9 ? Thx, Adi
  7. Yeah, so I did that but i'm stuck on with an eternal beachball that never goes away. Can't get further that that no matter what I try.. Any hints are welcome Adi
  8. 10.9 GM is out. Time to download and start attempting to install it. I shall post my progress. Adi
  9. Hello everyone, I've been rather quiet these past days. I managed to patch BIOS 219 for my UX31A with PMPatch and i successfully flashed it from within Windows 8 with the official ASUS BIOS update utility. Here are the steps : 1) Create patched BIOS file with the PMPatch utility. See this thread : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285444-pmpatch-uefi-patching-utility/ 2) Start Asus BIOS flash utility and open the ORIGINAL UNPATCHED 219 BIOS file. Make sure that in the SAME folder as that file, you also have the PATCHED BIOS 219 file. 3) The utility will be ready to update the BIOS. Right before clicking the FLASH button, rename the ORIGINAL UNPATCHED 219 BIOS file to something different and change the name of the PATCHED BIOS 219 file to what your ORGINAL UNPATCHED 219 file was when you loaded it up in the ASUS BIOS flash utility. 4) Press the flash button and the ASUS BIOS update utility will update your BIOS to the patched version 219. This will allow you to keep the original AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext untouched. You system will boot just fine with the original file in place. I'm now in the midst of re installing my system with 10.8.4 and I will let you all know how it goes. Regards, Adi
  10. What do you mean by a patched BIOS ? How can you modify it for the ASUS laptops ? Do you have a link for the procedure ? Thx Adi
  11. Here's my solution : I swapped my card for the atheros one that you linked to on ebay. I then also bought 2 internal laptop antennas that i initially coiled inside the laptop on top of the batteries. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-TYCO-INTERNAL-LAPTOP-NOTEBOOK-WiFi-WIRELESS-ANTENNA-/260669932789?pt=US_Directional_Network_Antennas&hash=item3cb12384f5 The signal was {censored} poor so I went with a different solution. I bought a hard plastic protective case and i sandwiched the antennas between the screen and the plastic cover. http://www.ebay.com/itm/mCover-HARD-Shell-CASE-for-13-3-ASUS-Zenbook-UX31A-UX31E-Ultrabook-Laptop-/300777058046 Works like a charm. Signal is much improved.
  12. That card won`t work. No kexts are available for it.
  13. Only partially and only if you boot it to windows first. It's a works in progress. Watch this thread and read carefully before buying it as there are quite a few limitations for now : http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2767-broadcom-80211-ac-wifi-and-bluetooth-combo-card-for-osx/?p=20969 Adi System/Library/Extensions folder path on your OS X installation.
  14. SD Card reader doesn't work. No point in searching for a solution, there is simply none for the time being.