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  1. buying macbook or dell?

    I was last weekend visiting some computershops in the city and I found a nice late 2006 refurbished Macbook Pro for 1500€ (2.16Ghz, 1 Gb RAM). It's a bit off my budget (I will have to ask about financing solutions to that store) but I think 300-350€ may be good investment for a nice 15" 1440x900 screen and a backlit keyboard :-) Don't you think so? Would it be better to use that money to buy in future a nice external monitor for the macbook instead?
  2. buying macbook or dell?

    Thanks, Alessandro17, I've been digging a bit in some websites and I found in HP a strong competitor to Macbook, seems to be new: HP Compaq 6510b ------------------- processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 (2.0 Ghz, 4 Mb L2-cache 800 Mhz FSB) memory: 1x1024 Mb *Probably they can ship with 2 Gb graphic card: intel GMA X3100, 384 Mb shared, 1280x800, 14.1" hard disk: 160 Gb at 5400 rpm other: 4xUSB, card read, etc weight: at least 2.4 Kg price: 1040€ seems nice, although still bigger than the cute macbook. Only affordable and middle-size with Santa Rosa processor. I could just find 12" laptops with T5xxx processor. Does any of you think that this can be a even better choice than Macbook for my needs?
  3. buying macbook or dell?

    Thank you for these first answers :-) it seems that you all are pretty sure about the macbook. I read some reviews praising the quality and silence of the macbook but also complaints about heating. Have any of you tried to encode overnight the extended versions of the lord of the rings and found that the macbook had me ted? erei33: In most of the benchmarks, I didn't find so much difference between the T7400 and the T7200. Although from my previous experience using a 7200 rpm hard disk (even external) instead of the 5400 rpm of my ex-laptop produced a noticable increase in R/W performance. Since photoshop does a lot of this, probably it can be important. What do you think? Zizou: I completely agree with you, but can macbook do 100% XP? I'm scared of the 64Mb graphic memory if I have to go to Vista in a non-desirable future. Alessandro17: Thanks for the advice. I know I can find desktop-substitutes by half of my budget but, firstly, they are usually as heavy as my old TV and, secondly, experiences close to me made me be suspicious of unknown brands. Then my next question, why dell is a expensive rubbish? I believed they get a nice quality, don't they? rmriggin: Thanks for the offer, this is exactly what I was looking for. I assume you are in US (since you use $) and I'm afraid the distance might be a problem to close a deal :'-( Thanks anyway. To all the rest: Can you tell me objectively what advantages you see in macbook over any equally priced laptop PC. Thanks :-)
  4. I have to buy a new laptop due to the early decease of my excellent Toshiba and 'm in the ethernal doubt of buying a dell (or similar laptop) or the new macb ok generation. I like to have a globetrotter laptop. I want it smooth when I'm processing my pictures with photoshop at home and I don't do gaming. I'm married with Windows (as happy as you can be when you are married) but I'm in love of OS X and I cannot avoid flirting with Linux, as well. I like small laptops, so I can bring it from work to home without injuring my back. Reading through, people usually recommend macbook because it allows to install OS X and Windows, which is an excellent point. However, I already got my old Toshiba smoothly running OS X (besides XP, Vista and SuSe... I have no name, I'm sorry... actually, there is a remote although fair possibility that I blew the graphic card of my until them healthy Toshiba by messing up with an OS X installation (don´t do at home)). So the point is that P and Intel-Mac systems are in equal conditions regarding OSes, no? My bugdet should be the lowest although realistic. I put myself a limit of 1000€, more or less. What I found in Europe is the following macbook and dell configuration (up to today): MacBook -------- processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7400 (2.16 Ghz, 4 Mb L2-cache 667 Mhz FSB)* * Unfortunately, 2.0 Ghz model doesn't ship with DVD-burner memory: 2x1024 Mb, 667 Mhz (needed for photoshop dirty jobs) graphic card: intel GMA 950, 64 Mb shared, 1280x800, 13.3" hard disk: 120 Gb at 5400 rpm other: 2xUSB, no card read weight: 2.3 Kg price: 1275€ (discounts applied) Dell Inspiron 640m (nice example) ----------------- procesor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 (2.0 Ghz, 4 Mb L2-cache 667 Mhz FSB) memory: 2x1024 Mb, 667 Mhz graphic card: intel GMA 950TM, 224 Mb shared, 1280x800, 14.1" hard disk: 80Gb at 7200 rpm (better faster than big) other: 4xUSB, card reader and every item you can find in any other laptop PC. weight: 2.5 Kg price: 1150€ (shiping included) From this list, dell seems to win, however, macbook is soooo cute, that I don't know if I can regret it if I follow my feelings... Any nice advice from you, guys? Any recommendation? Thanks