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  1. Just wanted to report a bad experience. I have the Venice in my P105. I followed the directions but got the ultimate whammy: dead mobo. I can't see anything on boot; video dead (no external video, either.) Tried jumpering JP8 on board, no luck. I am going to have to bite it and use the extended warranty from Staples. Hopefully they can get it fixed via Toshiba. I hate being without my lappy! If anyone has some suggestions for re-flashing/restoring I would be greatful. Jim
  2. Updating to 10.5.5

    I have another interesting hiccup. Toshiba P105 running 10.5.2. Followed the same directions for 10.5.3 update using combo10.5.5 update. Installation went well. On reboot followed directions for -v switch but did not get the Mach_Kill signal. I noticed my USBPCI is not loading. Rebooted with -v switch again, went right in and to desktop. Either my keyboard/mouse aren't loading or I'm frozen. Tried safe boot, no dice. Mouse stuck in upper left corner with no response. Even tried a few bios changes, still nothing. Any suggestions, anyone?
  3. Failure of Time Machine Restore

    Thanks, I tried this but it actually fried my Vista partition. Afterwards, I tried the old boot from Vista DVD but the vista partition showed up as RAW. Tried the fdisk /mbr but it didn't work. I just finish restoring everything. Unfortunately the migration wizard isn't working. Oh well, I'm sure that someone will eventaully come up with a "fix". Thanks for trying. Jim
  4. Here's my problem: I have Kalway 10.5.2 installed. Ran updates including the video updates (I know I was taking chances). Got stuck on blue screen. I have tried (three times now since first leo ToH 10.5 install) to restore from Time Machine via the install DVD. Each time I have done so I have repaired the boot to return to Vista. I then run diskpart, check for AF on leo partition, and rebooted. I can not get past the chain0 booting error. I know this is an issue with the darwin loader not being recognized on the correct partition. My question is: can this be repaired? I know I can do a fresh install and restore settings migration style, but what is the use of having this feature if it won't work. Any help would be appreciated. Search features keeps giving me an error. Jim Specs: Toshiba P106 Dual 1600 Intel950 Intel Pro 10/100 working 3945 ABG Intel USB TI PCI Cardbus Not working
  5. TimeMachine fails backup

    Better yet has anyone tried to restore from the backup? I tried and now I can't set the HFS partition as active. I even tried reinstalling from scratch and can't get the Darwin loader. Just keep getting the old "HFS+ partition error". I tried loading from the DVD to -singleuser mode, running the fdisk--> flag partiton-->update-->write--->reboot route. Can't get the Darwin loader to run. Any thoughts?
  6. Here's my experience: Toshiba P105-6167 1. Made mistake of resizing Vista partition and do fresh install next to tiger on new partition 2. Lost Tiger partition; couldn't get Leopard on new partition 3. Resized partition under Vista back to Vista/Leo 4. Reinstalled Jas 10.4.8; didn't even boot into 5. Immediately upgraded to ToH 6. Went right in; already sees Vista partition 7. Patched Intel8255 got internet 8. Need to patch USB as under tiger 9. No wifi or sound but at least onboard sound is recognized Edit: I didn't install the Jas Patch when I did this. I just installed 10.4.8, got panic, then upgraded to 10.5 I've since lost internet. Oh well learning the CLI under OSX
  7. clock problems

    I tried both these fixes but I still have a clock that falls behind 30-40 minutes after boot/fix. It doesn't seem to be an "autocorrection" gone wrong. Any thoughts? Jim
  8. Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    I'm a newbie but I had the same experience. Upgraded from 10.4.6 to 4.8 with jas updates and Intel® PRO/100 VE worked fine. I wanted to update the kernel, so booted off of a full jas 10.4.8 DVD, everything went well, except I lost the LAN. If anyone comes up with a fix, please post. Jim PS I am glad this sight is available for playas like myself who are learning! update: i d/l'ed the ionetworkingfamily.kext.zip file and used the directions inside the archive and go it to work! Now for Conexant audio....