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  1. com.apple.Boot.plist Missing

    Thank you very much ...It worked.
  2. com.apple.Boot.plist Missing

    I'm going to try it, Thank you Right, I Used it, and it said that it is 'deprecated' use org.chameleon.Boot.plist...i don't have that either.
  3. com.apple.Boot.plist Missing

    Hey, My Hackintosh does not have the com.apple.Boot.plist in /Extra nor SystemConfiguration . This was a clean install with no errors. So, i am not sure why this has happened. I am also not sure about downloading one in case it breaks my system. Please could someone give me some advice Thanks
  4. No NetworkInterfaces.plist...

    I can't connect to Facetime and Messages though... I forgot to add that i use them to, not just the app store
  5. No NetworkInterfaces.plist...

    That worked, Thank you [EDIT:] I can now connect to the App Store, but i still have no NetworkInterfaces.plist...
  6. No NetworkInterfaces.plist...

    Thanks for replying, I'll try this in a few days i'll let you know how it got on.
  7. No NetworkInterfaces.plist...

    Hello, This is my first post, anyway... I installed iATKOS ML2 on my PC, but the app store has an error 'An unknown error has occured'. I tried to delete my NetworkInterfaces.plist in System/Library/SystemConfiguration but to my suprise, there is none. I have tried rebooting and doing a hard boot. To no avail... Any help would be appreciated. [Note:] The only internet i have right now is through a USB mobile broadband stick, could that be why?