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  1. Downloaded the 10.8.3 and it boots fast but it doesn't see my HDDs
  2. well, is there a way to prepare off an imac G5? i have one i am getting ready to get rid of, cause it is just too old..
  3. i was hoping to springboard off of SL to ML, only cause ML is a DMG not an iso. **********************EDIT********************** Should i install OSX but not have the graphics card for now, then experiment with adding it later?
  4. Sorry about the hard to read screenshot, (bad monitor + bad camera = terrible picture). I didn't select any usb fixes and the safeboot didn't work. (to avoid another hard to read screen shot): http://pastebin.com/8wY3JFEt This was the result of the bootflags: -x -v
  5. Hello everyone, and thanks for help. I installed OSX Snow Leopard on the system listed in my signature using iAtkos SL3 V2. The install went smoothly, but upon restart i get a kernel panic as shown below: http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk37/Emo_Lugia/photo_zps7de5afcc.jpg (see picture) I am completely clueless about how to procede. If anyone can, please help me, thanks.