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    Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    It is not necessary to disable security to open any "unapproved" app. Simply control-click and choose "Open". Then click "Open" again. This leaves the security setting as it should be, and thus more secure for protecting from "self-installing" downloads / malware.
  2. Great story! Glad to hear it is now up and running. Um... would you mind sending me the "bad" video card? I will gladly pay the postage. New video card activates new drivers and startup items, so this software issue got fixed accidentally.
  3. insanely666


    Now the time has come and gone for Snow Leopards release. We know now that this was an irresponsible rumor at best. Snow Leopard needs Intel processor. Nothing you do with Open Firmware will change that. It's not as simple as the 867MHz speed check that Leopard does for a G4. You can hack the installer DVD to make a new one that will work fairly well with an X86 box, but never with a G4. As far as not needing XPostFacto if you hack Open Firmware, that also is hooey. There are no kernel extensions for the older hardware. That's why you need XPostFacto to make OS X run on a pre-G3 box. I have an 8600 running 10.4.11, but not by hacking Open Firmware. It doesn't even have the option to boot to Open Firmware! Ha! How you gonna hack something that doesn't exist? Apple doesn't leave the G5 owners on a desert island. They have their Leopard and it works fine. Snow Leopard with the optional Rosetta installed is about 90% of what Leopard is. There's not much added and quite a bit (PPC code) taken away. Speed is about the same Application support (with Rosetta) is about the same. That's why it isn't called "Lion". It's just a bit more nimble Leopard. Apple wouldn't sell it for $29 if it were a big change. Vista is a big change from XP. That's why PC heads will pay (or torrent) for it. After all, XP is how old now? Nine years?
  4. insanely666

    Anyone can help, please! I almost cry!

    http://www.osxterminal.com/ifcstart.8.html Try restarting in Safe Mode. Then move /System/Library/StartupItems/IFCStart/StartupParameters.plist to the desktop. If that doesn't solve the problem, move /System/Library/StartupItems/IFCStart to the desktop. If you want to recover this item, use Pacifist to extract it from the Tiger install DVD.
  5. insanely666

    NTFS Driver for Mac OS X

    What's the final verdict on this? Which downloads are absolutely the best recommendation as I see we have a few different opinions. Is there any way to find a simple installer that makes this work without compiling? In other words, can somebody make this Mac-simple instead of Linux-geeky? I just want to USE the computer, not reprogram it.
  6. insanely666

    macfuse, finaly somebody done it!

    I am not the one to rewrite this mess but someone who k knows his/her way around packaging an installer needs to clean up this mess and give us all one stand-alone installer that makes NTFS work. No Terminal, no compiling, no step by step by step by step by......