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  1. Yes, if possible. Great thanks in advance!
  2. There is 2018-001 security update for 10.11.6. Looks, like it doesn't affect IONVMe, but just for sure, file attached. IONVMeFamily.kext.zip
  3. Do you followed procedure which descripted there - https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-hackrnvmefamily-co-existence-with-ionvmefamily-using-class-code-spoof.210316/ ? N.B. As for me, it was more simple to install OS X at common HDD first, then determine needed parameters and create NVMe patch, get SSD drive visible for OS X, then carboncopy system on it.
  4. Same for latest 10.11.6 2017 security 5 (15G18013)? Looks like it doesn't touch IONVMe kext, but just for sure... IONVMeFamily.kext.zip
  5. Thank you! IONVMeFamily.kext.zip
  6. Is there any patch for latest 10.11 security update (2017-004)?
  7. I see new 11.6 security update at appstore (003). Do we need update our patches?
  8. If you read this readme, it contain some links:
  9. Do you follow all steps from guide, including SSDT patch?
  10. I does not seen such option when mounted it under linux.
  11. My way to do it: First install clover and system on sata HDD, boot in, patch NVMe, made it visible to disk utility and create partitions. Then install Clover on NVMe and copy clover EFI from sata HDD, also carbon copy system. Then boot from NVMe. Possibly it's not the most short way, but it works for me.
  12. Thank you! Yes, they call it 2017-002 security update. Autodetection with --spoof works fine, great improvement.
  13. Is that patch for update, called 2017-002 security update for 11.6 at appstore?
  14. Can't find this one on GitHub...
  15. As far as i know - no, it is not. There is two ways - a)install patched kext+remove original apple kext or b)create custom SSD patch+'spoof class-code' kext (recommended). Read the docs at github and followed links in them.