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  1. Fixed DSDT for HP DV6 6xxx

    CPU_0, 1, 2, 4, x section.
  2. Updating macOS version in VMware?

    Install Sierra easy inside VM, I have this setup already with latest xcode.
  3. You don't need to speak your local, your English is quite fine the way it is. I'm assuming the board identification platform id's isn't being detected or you have not inserted your own board id into the platform files. Not 100% if sierra use this method anymore. ################################# System/Library/Core Services/PlatformSupport.plist <key>SupportedBoardIds</key> <array> <string>INSERT YOURS</string> ################################# System/Installation/Packages/InstallableMachines.plist <key>SupportedBoardIds</key> <array> <string>INSERT YOURS</string> ######################################## /System/Installation/Packages/ OSInstall.mkpg > Edit Distribution file > function Installationcheck { var boardIds ['INSERT YOURS'. } Not sure if this is 100% anymore as i haven't done this stuff for quite a while. Maybe someone has created a kext or patch to bypass the id check. But might be helpful for you.
  4. @XtremeHacker he didn't make the story up lol there is evidence everywhere about arm for macos ha. They have been leaning towards this way for quite some time. We will prob see Apple bring out arm enabled laptops running macos coming in 2017. I can't imagine it being used for high powered use though but would be a good little coding platform light use anyway. CPU might be ok but memory wise and graphics wise I don't see it being in anyway powerful or useful until they improve on that side of things. When 10nm chips start coming a long in 2017 and better mobile graphics power then we might see some good competition.
  5. I will get latest tonight and see how I go.
  6. Hint: do not use Voodoo for audio, Use a patched AppleHDA. look at: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/308387-el-capitan-realtek-alc-applehda-audio/
  7. Why not hex edit latest AppleHDA binary and create your own mapping so you get better sound (Chances are someone has already created one for ALC-887)? i.e. do a linux dump of ALC 887, convert verbs to a readable format then do abit of tweaking and testing (yes process is a little more detailed then what I have said).
  8. I can see V3 kernel in your image, have you tried to boot without cache? -f and look at the line kext-dev-mode=1, ext-dev-mode=1.
  9. [AMD] Working Builds!

    I'm going to be getting my new system up and running. Asrock 970 Extreme3 2.0 AMD FX 8350 16GB Corsair LP DDR3 1600 Nvidia 560SE 1.5GB - I will be getting either a AMD R9 290 or AMD R9 390 / Just maybe the X model for Christmas not sure. Kingston HyperX 3K 256GB 2x 3TB WD REDS 1x 2TB WD Realtek audio will be patched via AppleHDA. Realtek network Bootloader easier to boot with Cham then Clover but will juggle between both depending on what I want. ... will update soon when I get a few jobs out of the road.
  10. ALC892 Audio Poor and low in Yosemite

    I just purchased FX 8350, Asrock 970-Extreme3 R2, my Gigabyte died in the ass and sold my processor, I'm going to take it for a run. Don't use VoodooHDA as it's always poor. Go get yourself a patched AppleHDA for Yosemite for the ALC892 chipset or it's quite easy to patch one up for yourself if you read into it. A good start would be: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298663-applehda-for-yosemite/
  11. [New!] Linux Distributions Poll

    Arch my number one pref. I don't think qt5 will be fully integrated for quite some time. Hopefully people don't expect it to be quick because qt5 talk has been going on for donky years.
  12. open source linux projects like this take so long it's not funny, look at how long qt5 took and still many platforms are not fully integrating it as many apps are still based off older qt libs. I do not really see this taking off, even wine under linux ain't the greatest. If you want to run the apps with power, stability and ease just run them on the the real platform or vm platform.
  13. I'm a long time Arch user, used to use vanilla Arch but have converted to Manjaro in the past for my work machine. Manjaro is awesome actually. Very easy to install. Pure Arch base with Manjaro tweaks on top. Difference between Arch and Manjaro is that Arch pushes bleeding edge updates and Manjaro holds back on Arch's bleeding edge updates for a little while longer till they are redeemed stable enough to push. Still bleeding edge but with a stable enough touch to it. I really love using Arch actually one of my best linux platforms.
  14. Ozmosis

    It also used to happen when i mod F15 bios with ozmosis. If i turn bios logo screen off it would freeze entering bios, if i left it on then it worked. Most mobo's have dual bioses, not sure with yours though, maybe you can enter ezflash using hotkey before bios freezes? so i doubt you bricked it, how did you install ozmosis inside your bios, what did you remove, what did you compress. So many things could lead your bios into freezing after modding it. If bios modding don't work clover is always good.
  15. Ozmosis

    Here I have attached Z77MX-D3H bios version 17b, yes a beta bios but works a hell lot better then the old F15. I had to compress CORE_DXE, CORECSM, SataDriver to gain the space I needed. Works great. Bios settings I have Intel IGP disabled, VT enabled, Intel Rapid Start enabled. Included in this bios. Ozmosis 1479 PartitionDxe EnhancedFat HFSPlus AtherosLc1Ethernet FakeSMC v6.13.1363 AtherosWifiInjector - Specifically due to me using Atheros 9285 chipset. iMac13,1 Defaults, Only boot argument I'm using is kext-dev-mode=1 A few files I have in the EFI partition. Efi/Oz/Acpi/Load/SSDT.aml for Turbo ratios, proper power management, this cannot be used if you are overclocking. Efi/Oz/Darwin/Extensions/Common/HDAEnabler5.kext - Used in combination with a patched AppleHDA for VT2021 chipset. Boot time roughly a few seconds to desktop. I'm of course running HyperX 256GB SSD. May differ with standard sata hdd. Z77MXD3H_17b.zip