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  1. Hey everyone, After lurking for a while, I decided to pull the trigger on my own G5 conversion. Today I got my Laserhive mATX 120 kit and set about installing it. I have a question about the motherboard tray...Basically I am worried about the brass fittings in the acrylic tray making contact with the chassis. Should I be worried about this? if they do make contact will it cause a short? I took out my multimeter and did a continuity check and none of them complete a circuit but I would really prefer not to blow my whole system on start up. Has anyone else had a problem? Would anything happen if one of the brass fittings makes contact with the back plate? Thanks! I cant wait to complete my mod! -Dan
  2. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    Great looking mod! I have just started working on a G5 mod very similar to yours. I am also keeping the apple HDD caddy, using a mATX board and locating the PSU up front on the deck. One question: How did you secure the PSU to the chassis? did you make a bracket or is it just placed on the deck? I will be posting a thread of my build soon, I am making a bracket to hold the PSU in place.