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  1. Apple Success Story

    For my 18th Birthday my parents finally got me a MacBook! I've been running Mac OSX on my main computer basically since osx86 went public for people to use and having a real mac for the first time just feels so nice! I actually already had a list of programs that I was going to install onto my mac when I got it so I didn't have to spend ages downloading stuff to set it up. Mac life is good
  2. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    thanks velinn! It's now working, although I can't see this being the only solution to getting iTunes to work. I guess time and the work of all the fantastic people will tell!
  3. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    Looking around on comments made so far it only seems to be people with SEE3 who have been able to run it. If I'm wrong then someone please correct me, but I'm yet to hear of anything running it on a SEE2 processor. (I'm hoping that we're wrong on this, as I don't want to have to buy a new processor just to run itunes7!)
  4. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    Is there any way to fool itunes into thinking that we have SSE3 instead of SSE2? I'm not sure if this is related but it seems that now only system sounds are working (such as the noise when changing volume...but sounds in other programs aren't playing, could be a QT issue or a itunes issue? Could just be my computer being silly...)
  5. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    I followed JaS's steps and it once again throws up the same error, still not working here.
  6. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    I'm on SSE2 and can't run it native or through Rosetta. I googled the problem and it looks like it's something that's happened on older releases of itunes and most problems were fixed by reinstalling, no such luck here.
  7. The Official "Showtime" Thread

    Ok I installed QT 7.1.3 which asked for a restart. After restart itunes is still showing the same error about there not being enough meory but QT runs fine without any memory error. Damn, I was looking forward to trying the new itunes out!
  8. The Official "Showtime" Thread

    I've just noticed that it says on the itunes requirements that you need Quicktime 7.1.3 and I currently only have 7.1.2, so this may fix the problem. I'll keep you updated. I don't want to see itunes becomming another program that has to be 'fixed' for hackintoshes and then realised via bittorrent
  9. The Official "Showtime" Thread

    I've not seen any comments on digg so far mentioning this so it does at the moment look like it's only us hackintosh guys. I would have thought that they would put a message up saying "Please don't steal" or something like that, not just a "not enough memory" message which blatently isn't true
  10. The Official "Showtime" Thread

    Agreed, I downloaded it and when I try to open the program it shows me the disclaimer and then tells me once I've agreed that there is not enough memory to open itunes. I've got 1GB RAM on a p4 hackintosh. Any ideas why?