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  1. You'll want to do it from a Mac. I wouldn't recommend doing it on Windows. Here's what it says on their site: As for Ubuntu/Linux, good luck!
  2. Alienware M17xR4 - Hackintosh Install/Attempt/Problems Help!

    Worked on it for a few hours tonight.. Here's what I accomplished: -The Creative audio is working now! Built in sound card is the Recon 3Di. The driver to pick is the Voodoo I had no luck with the orders. Although audio does work, sound quality isn't great. There are no volume controls (unless its on Youtube or something). -USB 3.0 is fully supported! OS X is able to read flash drives, and not only mice/keyboards. You'll need to download the "GenericUSBXHCI USB 3.0" kext file and install it using the Kext Utility in Applications>Utilities>Tools>Kext Utility. The download link for this kext is - http://www.osx86.net...ci_usb_3.0.html For those out there attempting to Hackintosh your M17x R4's on BIOS A10, my current stable/working BIOS settings are: BIOS Configuration: Intel SpeedStep: Enabled Virtualization: Enabled Integrated NIC: Enabled USB Emulation: Enabled USB Powershare: Enabled USB Wake Support: Disabled (You will have problems if this isn't disabled!) SATA Operation: AHCI (It must be set to AHCI, as the way you installed it.) USB Debug: Disabled External USB Ports: Enabled eSATA Ports: Disabled (Must be disabled or you'll have problems like I did above!) Now that leaves us still with a few problems to resolve: -What should I do about graphics? I have Intel HD 4000 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX660M. How do I know if either of them is working? The "About My Mac" page shows no information on the graphics card other than 64MB of VRAM. -Last thing is the Wi-Fi card. Which should I order? I have read that the Atheros AR5B195 is a good pick. It's $12 on Amazon. Is this fully compatible, and the best with B/G/N & Bluetooth? Should I be looking at any other alternatives? By the way, this will be replacing the Centrino N 2230.
  3. Alienware M17xR4 - Hackintosh Install/Attempt/Problems Help!

    I'm a happy camper right now. System is stable. Here's what's going on: WORKING: -Atheros Gigabit LAN 100/1000 (Hardwired connection, drivers weren't needed) -Graphics -Touchpad/Built in keyboard (PS/2 Kext Files) NOT WORKING: -Intel Centrino N 2230 (Will be replacing this) -Audio (Don't think there's any way to get it to work, is there?) -Flash Drives (Not sure what's wrong. Help?)
  4. Alienware M17xR4 - Hackintosh Install/Attempt/Problems Help!

    Okay! Turns out the problem with the USB EHCI is because the eSATA port has problems! Once I disabled eSATA, it ignored it and proceeded with booting, but here's the new problem (and you can see the AppleUSBEHCI): Successfully booted into Mac OS X. However, the built in keyboard and trackpad does not work. Will update!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums here, but I've been thinking about installing iAtkos ML2 onto my Alienware M17x R4 for a while. So I've finally began the process. But before I begin with what I've done and have encountered, here's almost every detail about my system pulled from all corners of the laptop: Specifications: Brand: Alienware (Dell) Product Name: M17xR4 BIOS Version: A11 CPU: Intel Core i7-3610QM (Ivy Bridge) Integrated Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 Dedicated/Discrete Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX660M (Some have had success with 6xx.) Memory: 16GB (4GB x 4) NIC: Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Wi-Fi Card: Intel Centrino N-2230 w/ BT (I'm aware it's incompatible with OS X.) Audio: Sound Blaster Recon3Di (Found no info about it online for OS X.) SATA1: Samsung SSD 830 128GB SATA2: Seagate ST9750420AS 750GB Hard Drive mSATA: Samsung SSD PM830 32GB SATA 0DD: HL-DT-ST DVD-RW/BD-ROM CA40N BIOS Configuration: Intel SpeedStep: Enabled Virtualization: Enabled Integrated NIC: Enabled USB Emulation: Enabled USB Powershare: Enabled USB Wake Support: Enabled SATA Operation: AHCI USB Debug: Enabled External USB Ports: Enabled eSATA Ports: Enabled Ports: (4) USB 3.0 Ports (They have some problems with Hackintosh, but will work with some tweaking.) (1) eSATA PowerShare Port with USB 2.0 (1) HDMI - IN (1) HDMI - OUT (1) MiniDisplayPort (1) RJ-45 Gigabit Jack (1) VGA Display Port Now, here's what I've done/tried. 1. I used Disk Utility on a Mac and was able to create a bootable USB drive along with installing the bootloader from iAtkos onto the USB drive. 2. I set BIOS/Boot Configuration/Boot Order on the M17x so that the "USB Storage Device" would boot the drive that I made on the Mac. 3. When the bootloader screen appears for me to pick which hard drive/disk to boot, i pick iATKOS ML2, and as always, I'll use the -v boot flag. Here's what comes up: I do want to address that I was able to install OS X on the M17x before I'm trying again now. However, it never booted up after the install completed. I used a combination of boot flags to get it up and working earlier including -v PCIRootUID=1 and arch=i386, and -f, and -x. Let me post the results for several other boot flags that I'm going to try. It's probably beneficial that I'm starting out fresh, and putting up all the information here so if anyone has the same problems on the M17xR4, they can refer to this thread! So results will come in the next post here.. Stay tuned! Okay, so now we'll try -v -x Result: Surprisingly, this resulted in a successful boot into OS X Installation. Hm, I've tried this multiple times and suddenly I can boot with only these two parameters. Okay, so now, I created the partition on my 32GB SSD that I'll install OS X on and formatting it as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)", and no other configurations named "MacOS". When I boot it with just -v, it results in the problem: After a manual shutdown, we boot again with -v -x, which results in a frozen screen. Here's a shot of my screen taken from my iPhone: When I try other boot flags like KernelCache=No or USBBusFix=Yes, I get the same problem with the "unable to get filterInterruptEventSource" error and "UIMInitialize - Error occurred". I did however, find this article addressing this problem, but I'm not too sure how to test it, or implement it. The link is below: http://www.insanelym...tsource-errors/ I tried messing with all the USB fixes including Legacy Fix, and the EHCI fixes, and this is what I get: