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  1. Selling the Hackintosh

    I've heard that its legal if you buy a copy of the OSX software and then install OSX86, because although you didn't use the disc you purchased, you still purchased a license to use OSX on 1 machine. (Making sure that the license of OSX you purchased legally isn't used on any other mac's)
  2. Hi, I've installed the update (not the kernal yet) and it installed fine, everything is working apart from my ATI drivers. I have an ATI X1650Pro PCI-e The problem is i cannot change resolution, there is only one option available which is 1024x768. I've read through the topic and I cannot find a solution. Could any body help? Was i supposed to do something I missed? (I've tried to reinstall the drivers as well) Thanks
  3. RAM Detection

    Thanks for that guys!
  4. Hey, I've had my new hackint0sh up and running for 2days now and its running perfect! There is something which is a bit weird, it's not causing any problems but i was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this. I have 2GB of RAM which the "About This Mac" picks up But it detects "0 Mhz" And in the system profiler it doesn't pick it up properly: As you can see somethings weird or is this a normal issue? Thanks
  5. OSX Problem!

    What copy of OSX86 are you trying to install? If it is one by JaS when you install only select the "AMD" driver stuff in the installation options, so thats the only thing ticked. Leave everything else unticked (Printers, fonts, titan stuff etc)
  6. Before I make the Switch

    Ok - Well I got mine up and running last night and it's nearly matching upto my fathers Mac Pro on Xbench results (which is damn fast). When installing don't expect not to have problems. There are always problems, it just takes a little while to sort through them. (For example my graphics card was my first major problem, then the sound and LAN but after finding the right drivers it great) The specs of your new computer appear fine, although the graphics description is a bit vague, if you could be more specific we could see whether there are any existing problems. Also the motherboard. It's best to do a little research before hand (on these forums) to see whether there are any problems/solutions that exist with the new hardware your buying.
  7. OSX Problem!

    Ok, it sounds like there is a problem with your graphics more than anything else, if you could please list your computer specs maybe me or someone else could help!
  8. Thank you so much! This fixed my Sapphire X1650Pro 256mb. I had the same device ID as yours. Regards, Tinko
  9. Found the solution: Install without ANY option features apart from the Intel SSE2/3 thing. Booted up fine, then downloaded a selection of other drivers from here to make eveything else work!
  10. Ps2 Keyboard problem

    Hey, I have OSX 10.4.8 running perfectly. Although whenever I reboot my keyboard loses detection, so basically after every reboot it has to be unplugged then plugged back in again for me to be able to use it again. Anyone know of a solution to this problem? Thanks, tinko
  11. x1650 agp and pcie

    WORKING ON: Sapphire Technology Radeon X1650Pro 512MB DDR2 PCIE Dual DVI PROBLEMS OVERCOME: Black screen on boot (after the Apple logo and Spinner) Solution to this is change to the second DVI port! THANKS! Thankyou very much ModBin absolute legend! I'll let you know of any problems i encounter!
  12. I'm having the same issue. Heres my PC information. Shuttle S775 Intel 945G PCIE 250W Mini PSU A L G F/W E6600 2.4ghz dual core 2 320GB baracuda 7200.10 ATI X1650 2GB of DDR2 Ram
  13. Hey all, I'm having a problem with my osx86, it all installed fine but after the reboot (right after installation) i get to the apple loading screen, an alert box comes down asking me to restart in a few different languages, i restart then it comes up again in a continuous cycle, anyone know a solution to this problem? I'm running the JaS 10.4.8 release, on fully supported hardware (according to the wiki) Kind regards, tinko