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  1. Can't boot into Mountain Lion

    I've installed ML again from clean state 10.8.0 so that is not an issue. I think that the problem with my boot is that ML partition isn't active
  2. Can't boot into Mountain Lion

    I haven't had problems with install so far. I've got everything working before, with the same method I used this time, but update to 10.8.4 destroyed my hackintosh. I've done everything the same, but because of the fact that I haven't had available mac or virtual mac, I had to make my usb in Windows, which was a mistake
  3. Can't boot into Mountain Lion

    Thank you for your reply and your effort. This will be my last , but possibly the only option. I've used EasyBCD because it worked before. I've installed chameleon with my OSX, but Chamelon isn't working as it should, because at boot it showes some older version, than this one I have installed. I'll give it another try, and than format everything and start over.
  4. Can't boot into Mountain Lion

    Did that, but still no luck. I boot both Win and OSX from the same drive (It worked before I installed OSX with clover, which is the part that messed up my hackintosh I think )
  5. Can't boot into Mountain Lion

    I just realized that no matter if I have OSX installed or not, when I add OSX option in EASYBCD boot, it loads Chameleon which causes this error for me. Is it possible that chameleon is installed at my Windows partition and works like that even through I rewrote my windows default bcd?
  6. I've installed it this way, and now after new OSX install, I can't boot into OSX without usb drive. This method messed up my bootloader, and installed it in unknown location. I have chameleon installed with OSX, but it can't boot normally, only with USB.
  7. Can't boot into Mountain Lion

    First of all, thank you for your response. I did this as you said, but now, even when I install without clover, I can't boot into my system without it. When I power on my computer, it lists boot:0 done, and goes to my dual boot menu. If I choose Windows it boots like it should, but if I choose OSX (which is installed now without clover, using chameleon) it shows chameleon screen (different than it should be with type of install I did, to be more specific it shows the same screen as the one when I installed using clover). Is there any way for me to get back at the state at which everything was? How can I get rid of boot0 message? Cheers
  8. Hello everyone. I've used the instructions in this topic to install my OSX: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288795-guidecreating-os-x-usb-installer-using-a-windows-pc-only/ Now, it is only possible for me to boot into Mountain Lion with USB which has Clover installed, then selecting external, and after that I boot "normally". I would like to boot without this USB using Champlist, but when I try that, I get efi_inject_get_devprop_string null trying stringdata and instant restart. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  9. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    I get 200-270 fps in Iron Fist Boxing KING (only 1 face spinning) on my i3 370m. I've also noticed that my GPU is having some troubles when putting full screen, scrolling and performing these tests. I'm hearing some weird sound, something similar to squealing, nothing major, but enough to be noticed.
  10. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Thanks for your effort, just to confirm that everything is working like charm.
  11. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Have you noticed any other issues with 10.8.4 update? Do you need to patch fb again for this version, or you can use patched fb from 10.8.3? And if you need to patch fb again, which fb do you patch exactly? Is there some kind of default fb we can use, or something like that? I'm asking you this, because I want to update and I've read that 10.8.4 had some improvements in terms of graphics card performance. Cheers
  12. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    What is the difference between the Intel kexts for different versions of Mac OS?
  13. Microphone

    I'm using VoodooHDA. I can claim that microphone isn't faulty, because it's working fine in windows. Thanks for your answers. I'll check if there will be any changes with changing voodoohda prefs. EDIT: Thank you so much for your help. I've managed to get it working by changing values and muting internal mic. It's not perfect, but definitely bearable and enough for Skype. Cheers
  14. Microphone

    I've adjusted mic volume. I tried to change VoodooHDA plist kext and my microphone is working slightly better, but it's only a small improvement. I've boosted mic entry to 100 and pretty much don't know what could I do more. I'm using Realtek Alc272
  15. Microphone

    Hello hackintosh community. There is only one step dividing me from having fully functional hackintosh. The only problem is my external microphone. (In-build microphone doesn't work for quite a while now (it is broken and stopped working over night), so I've managed to find the external one which is working great on Windows.) The problem with Mountain Lion is that i have to speak directly in my mic, almost touching it with my mouth. Even that way I can only hear myself through speakers, but when I open up Skype, microphone doesn't record at all, and I can't hear myself in test call, even if I speak directly to it. My Skype settings are fine, I've triple check it Is there anyone who had some similar problem, and solved this issue? Cheers I'm trying to get this mic working (Feinier FE-269)