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  1. My Xp HD got dead recently so now i am on snow HD and thinking about installing xp on one of free partitions. this is Guid partition so I am curious if i erase and format one of my free partition to FAT32 and install Xp could that erase my snow install? will there be boot problems.
  2. anyone can help me?

    the guide for your board here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1277619
  3. 9800gtx + gts250 are same card. as above already said.
  4. Install SL onto 2nd hard drive?

    follow this guide i did partition my second HD in GUID format then installed chameleon boot rc3 on snow drive (in snow drive installion offcourse). mounted snow leopard DMG (run the installation, did not restart) installed required kexts and boom snow leopard booted. http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/how-to-inst...-on-a-pc-t3137/ regards
  5. wait for the snow leopard ikaro Distros.
  6. Download the tool OSx86 Tools. google it it has EFI option for many cards. copy your EFI gfx string from their and paste into your com.apple.boot or download EFI studio from http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xz14ytrmddo copy EFI string from their and paste into com.apple.boot file. i just found it. Here is the string for 9500GT. <key>device-properties</key> <string>4c0200000100000001000000400200000d00000002010c00d041030a010000000101060000010 101060000007fff04000e0000004e00560050004d0000002000000001000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000220000005600520041004d002c0074006f00740061006c00730 069007a006500000008000000000000201c0000006400650076006900630065005f00740079007000 650000000f0000004e5644412c506172656e740e0000006e0061006d00650000000b0000006469737 06c617922000000400030002c006400650076006900630065005f00740079007000650000000b0000 00646973706c617922000000400031002c006400650076006900630065005f0074007900700065000 0000b000000646973706c6179100000006d006f00640065006c0000000a0000003935303047542000 0000400031002c0063006f006d00700061007400690062006c00650000000e0000004e5644412c4e5 64d616314000000400030002c006e0061006d0065000000120000004e5644412c446973706c61792d 4114000000400031002c006e0061006d0065000000120000004e5644412c446973706c61792d42200 00000400030002c0063006f006d00700061007400690062006c00650000000e0000004e5644412c4e 564d6163100000004e00560043004100500000001800000004000000000003000c000000000000070 00000001e00000072006f006d002d007200650076006900730069006f006e0000001e000000393530 304754204f70656e474c20456e67696e65205b4546495d</string> best of luck
  7. All conspiracy theories i have heard and seen go against bush and his allies. the blamed al-qaeeda for it and invaded afghanistan and afterwards created another drama of weapons of mass destruction and destroyed iraq. They have killed millions of civilians there as if they arent humans. Americans (not all) have double standards and they regard their life important then anyone in this world.
  8. Snow Leopard on XFX MOBO?

    if your using chameleon RC3 loader then boot with - v flag add this line into your com.apple.boot and copy that file into your extra folder of your snow drive. <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>-v arch=x86 GraphicsEnabler=Yes</string> also make sure you have these following kext files into Extra/Extensions fakesmc.kext PlatformUUID.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext
  9. here you go http://######.com/index.php?option=...0&Itemid=48 it will automatically generate your dsdt file.
  10. darth are you able to fix that ! let me know
  11. 10.6 SL on IDE drive

    Remember the snow volume before you install kext. sudo chown -R root:wheel /system/library/extensions sudo chmod -R 755 /system/library/extensions sudo diskutil repairpermissions /volumes/NAMEOFSNOWVOLUME file attached. AppleintelPIIXATA.kext JmicroATA.kext or use the guide below and put these required extensions before you install again. http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/pre-install...stalling-t4041/ kexts.zip
  12. I know this isn't a perfect sound yet and hopefully someone will contribute here to make it better for us.
  13. i think chameleon will read them from E/E so it is your choice. so i i will try these kexts and update you back.
  14. Everything is setup on my mobo but have no luck with sound even with DSDT patched. although the sounds comes as it should by installing series of legacyHDA and HDAenabler from this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=140941 but it works temporary and goes out after you restart your pc. i am tired of installing these kexts again and again. there are too many kext around HDAenabler, legacyHDA, voodooHDA . i am little confused what kexts to keep and delete. I have only kept orignal ApplaHDA in my extensions and patched the audio in DSDT and now profiler show some signs but no sound. see attach. please would you mind shedding some light on what extensions your using with your dsdt/aml file for comparision. Thanks
  15. i have gigabyte P35-DS3R and working sound in snow leopard , but i am not sure audio is patched with correct codecs. please look at my attache screen there is a problem. does anyone have similar board and want to share the kexts and DSDT patch. Thanks