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    sata working appleviaata.kext

    Did you fix that? Becouse i got the same problem??/ Any1?? thanks in advance
  2. I have try diferents releases for osx86 but with this 1, i have loss my DVD drive..... i have repaired permission but i cant get the ide dvd drive on. Is there any setting i have miss when installed? Thanks in advance
  3. palote

    Mac OS X 10.4.10 for The Hackintosh

    im looking desesperatly for an invitation.. Thanks in advance!!!
  4. Hi... I dont know if i miss any option when installing uphuck 1.41i but my disk test sucks. I get arround 1-2mb/sec..... its possible that i miss any option in the installation ?? My setting are this.. P35-DQ6, Q6600"3600, 2gb ram and x1950pro with QE and CI fullyworking..... Im completely nOOb on this... Need some help. Thanks in advance
  5. hi.. i got my 1950 pro with QE and CI enabled but when starting Adobe After Effects crashes and says that a problem occurs while invoquing OpenGL or something like that... i can run x-bech with no problem (openGL benchs normally) but why i cant run it when opening Adobe AE??? Any ideas? Cheers
  6. palote

    OSX86 runs on Intel P35 chipset !

    Hi, I have a P35-DQ6 and i have problems with my hard disk benchs in x-bench, what driver or patch i need in order to have the HD fully working??? i have the uphuck 1.4i ... where is this option?? sorry for my noobnes
  8. anyone with a x1950pro 512mb fully working? Thanks in advance...