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    Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    hi there.. Anyone have the battery meter running easily? Any tips? Thanks in advance!!
  2. palote

    Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Hi there... im running vanilla kernel from the combo kernel update, i did a kalyway installation with only the kernel and the mbr optiones selected. After that i have been booting with mach_kernel.vanilla until i install X3100 kext... if u want me to post any kext.. i will do it... Cheers
  3. palote

    Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Hi all.. Lovely thread for vostro 1500 users... Thanks! i have a Vostro 1500 and everything seems to work fine. SHUT DOWN fixed by deleting Nvidia Kexts... after deleting kernel panics and no shut downs are gone. Still keep my CI and QE in X3100. Sleep trick. SLEEP works ok today, dont know how, but yesterday no wake up, but today after a fresh installation is waking up perfectly ..... SOUND works but to input audio as described. The only issue im experiencing is with the Broadcom 440x, i can surf on the internet without any issue, but when i open azureus all internet traffic stop and even azureus stops working, i have reinstalled everything but still getting the same... is anybody experiencing the same issue?? Im running Kalyway 10.5.2 with kernel update from atm on my laptop. Can anybody help me with this? Other thing is about the Bluetooth 355, after long time trying to enable it in Vista, XP.. disable and enable in BIOS.. this evening i give a further step and went to see if it was on the Laptop and i remove the hinge tap http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/syst...h.htm#wp1179838 and theres no BT 355 as suposed. Coul be in any other place ??? i have spend a lot of time trying to enable it and in BIOS looks like its nothing on the hardware.... Thanks for everything.. and if i could help i will do it!!
  4. palote

    Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    hi all... im following this thread since wednesday since i bought a lap with x3100 after playing a lot i get the black screen... then plag an external monitor... but when i get into i have no menus, no mouse pointer, no nothing.. only the background picture.... Can any1 help me with this? Thanks in advance!!
  5. palote

    Shutdown/Poweroff Fix

    Thanks to ALL!! Works like a charm.... Will this work on a system that shutdown stops working after the 10.5.2 update? Cheers
  6. palote

    Broadcom PXE ROM error...?

    this happends to me when trying to run bootcamp from vmware.... would be very nice if any1 can help with this... cheers
  7. Youre Xbench result is very LOW!! By the way... is youre system shutting down and wake from sleep correctly??? Cheers
  8. hi there again..... Any success with 10.5.2? because i have lost my airport setting with new update... any update on this? Cheers
  9. Thanks A LOT!!! consolation!!! hope this helps more people like me. Thanks 4 everything!!
  10. Thanks!!!!! i manage to fix it!!!! thanks!! can u point my in how to run the script of page number 5 to reconnect automatically??? CHEERS!!!
  11. How can i run the script mentioned in this threat?? please
  12. Hi everybody..... i decided to go for a wn650g after reading this post from the beggining. Im spanish so i have some difficulties to explain everything in the proper way.. but more or less this is my history. I installed Leopard Kalyway 10.5.1 some time ago, im very nOOB on this. but everything works fine on my P5W DH Deluxe. i tried to get working a g122 c1 before i ordered the atheros 1,but i get the replug issue that i could not fix, i dont know if having another wireless installed could change my order in network devices. Yesterday i recieve the wn650g and started to play arround with a lot of issues. i followed all steps described in the post. 1.- iI managed to install wn650g card but airport icon was empty so after modifing values, cant remember which 1 i changed and after reading a lot this post i think i have my airport detected. my airport icon is not empty has this lines and when i select it i can see other networks amd mine aswell which is WPA protected. I only can get connected if i go in assist me mode. i read that running a shell script can connect to the first network in keychain... how can i do this? Can anyone give a detailed step of how to do this?? i will apreciate this very much. when i go to my network devices airport icon never looks conected and i saw in some creens posted in this thread that is shown as connected this is how looks mine after beeing connected So im a little confuse if it installed properly. have I same en1 for different device??? My device ID is 0x168c, 0x2051.. which string should i add with this device id?? Can any1 xplain this too?? I have attached another capture if it helps... i will aprecciate so much anyhelp.. if someone want to add me to msn i leave mine and would be very helpful.. palote99 msn.com Thanks in advance!!!!
  13. Cant wait!! this is taking to loooooong!
  14. palote

    Asus P5W-DH hang @ install

    hi there..... which bios version do you have atm???? if you are not usint the latest... try to update to it... 2406 i think... GOOD LUCK!
  15. Im interested on this too.... so if anyone can help would be vey nice!!!!
  16. sorry for be so noob... But how can i get there?
  17. Can that file kill a graphic card? or i am misunderstanding somthing??? Cheers
  18. we are 2 waiting for that fix ... thanks in advance
  19. palote

    Power still on after shutdown Leopard

    that didnt work 4 me.. thanks anyway...
  20. palote

    [TUTORIAL]Gigabyte P35-DQ6

    i have a wired problem...... when trying to sleep, my computer do a proper shutdown... And when shutdown, system goes off but power and fans keeps on!!! Can yo help me with this ?? coul be a bios setting or samething with grafic card? im lost thanks in advance!
  21. i have a wired problem...... when trying to sleep, my computer do a proper shutdown... And when shutdown, system goes off but power and fans keeps on!!! Can anyone with an input on this??? thanks in advance!
  22. palote

    Power still on after shutdown Leopard

    Hi there... Im having some issues with KALYWAY leopard release... when i sleep my computer is completely shutdown... and when i shut down all goes of less power and fan. is this something realated with bios settings?? i have my 8800gt attached to the dvi close to the mobo. so that didnt help to me Thanks in advance!!!
  23. palote

    8800GT G92 512mb _id:0611 10.5.2 files: !TEST!

    Hi.. I have test what u said, and i have notice that the graphic card gets too hot during coping dvd becouse is using CI-QE as you said. I think replacing the 8800gt stock cooler will fix that problem, or having a software to modify fan speed. You card gets TOO HOT and the crashes!±! Hope this helps to you.