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  1. @gils83, I have an HD 3000 too, but I only get up to 1024x768, plus a "no kext loaded" message in System Information. Did you install or modify any kext?
  2. This whole hackintosh + Linux + Windows gaming thing I had going has put me between a rock and a hard place...I think Nvidia drivers lately are a lot better than AMD ones for Linux. For one thing, I can only use open source drivers with my chip because of that "legacy" {censored}. But I digress. I do know, from what I've read, that Nvidia is really bugged on AMD hackintoshes right now. I'll think about it. Sorry for being so annoying. If there's any way I can help in the AMD development or testing, do let me know. I'm not a programmer (yet), but I'm used to bash, and I'm a fast learner. I don't use OS X as my main OS, so losing it wouldn't be that much of a pain in the ass right now, and I'd love to see this move forward. Go team!
  3. Ok, I did a combo upgrade, and everything seems fine. I do have a minor complaint, though: my machine refuses to connect to iCloud. Surely this can be fixed, but how? It did that before the update, too. Also, if someone knows of a kext that works with my onboard chip (Radeon 3000), that would be swell. It's one of those chips considered "legacy" by AMD (like the rest of the 3xxx and 4xxx series). I don't need that, but, you know...QE/CI sounds like a lot of fun
  4. [AMD] Working Builds!

    I feel my system works well enough to be posted here CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 850 3.3 Ghz Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M LX RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz SATA: 1TB Seagate HDD GPU: Radeon 3000 onboard (no kexts loaded; needless to say, no QE/CI, capped at 1024x768, very glitchy) LAN: Realtek Gigabit Ethernet, not tested yet Wi-Fi: TP-Link TL-WN881ND (Atheros AR9287 chip), works with this kext Sound: Realtek HD onboard audio, works with VoodooHDA Other OSs: Ubuntu 13.04 daily and Windows 8, installed beforehand, working in perfect harmony Bootloader: GRUB 2* 10.8.3 Mountain Lion (upgraded from Retail through combo), with AnV kernel, patched for MBR, no flags. Apart from graphics, it works great. GraphicsEnabler=Yes won't boot. *I have Chameleon on a USB stick for now, since the installer won't replace GRUB in the MBR; GRUB 2 detects OS X, but it doesn't boot the AMD kernel I found a way to get GRUB to chainload Chameleon, which can then load OS X
  5. I'll keep my last post updated with breakthroughs and problems. I already updated it quite a bit. However, I think (most of) my problems are no longer AMD CPU-related, so I might take my questions somewhere else in the forum, more appropriately archived. Yet again, thanks for everything!
  6. I DID IT! No, I'm sorry, WE DID IT! The machine now boots (through the USB) into a full-on installation of OS X Mountain Lion! I didn't need any flags, just amd_kernel and I was ready to go! But now comes the fun part: fixing problems! 1) No sound. Common issue. Not a showstopper (for now) but I'd be neat to fix it so I can use stuff like Garage Band. I've always been curious about it. EDIT: VoodooHDA does the job, but I haven't tested thoroughly. 2) Wrong resolution (capped at 1024x768), and potentially no QE/CI (although I have no idea how to test this). I have a 23-inch 2048x1152 monitor, and god dammit, I wanna use it! EDIT: definitely no QE/CI, graphics are really choppy! This needs a fix pronto 3) No Wi-Fi. Kexts? EDIT: yes, kexts. Just googled AR9287 kext, and that was it! 4) The keyboard is all wrong! Well, not really, but the OS X Spanish ISO keyboard layout is slightly different to the average PC Spanish keyboard. Again, not really necessary, but preferable. 5) I still need the USB! GRUB 2, surprisingly enough, still works, but I doubt it will detect OS X. If you know how to use GRUB 2 and OS X, I'd love to know! EDIT: GRUB detects OS X, but unfortunately I couldn't get it to work with the AMD kernel. I managed to get it to chainload Chameleon! 6) I think I have 10.8.2, but that's clearly unacceptable now that 10.8.3 is out...right? How do I go about updating, do I just keep booting through the AMD kernel? EDIT: I had retail 10.8, but I did a combo upgrade straight to 10.8.3, and all is good! Current tools at my disposal 1) MacDrive. I used it to copy the kernel and some kexts, so I can download stuff on Windows and shove it in my Mac partition. Never mind, I have Wi-Fi now 2) Chameleon + Chameleon Wizard. I'm guessing it works better than GRUB (if GRUB works at all) handling SMbios and DSDT and whatnot. I hope simply installing it replaces GRUB and detects all my systems (Windows and Ubuntu). EDIT: quick answer: it doesn't, it won't replace GRUB in the MBR. I'll see if I can uninstall GRUB, then install Chameleon. GRUB can chainload Chameleon, so I don't need to modify my MBR. Hooray! 3) DSDT Editor. I still have to do the mandatory DSDT extract-compile-aml thing. I'll do it later. EDIT: I tried generating a DSDT. My mouse and keyboard stopped working. I deleted DSDT.aml, all good. Maybe later. 4) System Info. No idea how to use it properly. I might plug my machine through ethernet later, but I'll do everything I can over Wi-Fi with Windows. Again, thanks guys! You truly rock!
  7. Oh, I'm nearly there! So close! I patched the installer and voila, my MBR-partitioned drive was there. I formatted my 100 GB partition as HFS+, set it to install, and...it "failed". I dunno. It theoretically failed the installation. I assumed it was a fake error and tried to proceed anyways. Back in the USB, I opened the Terminal and copied all my kexts (including the PS/2 ones) just like the guide instructed. The folders were there, so I thought it most likely installed properly. Reboot again, I try to boot into ML...and it reboots. Automatically. I used the USB to get back to Windows. Any ideas? Should I copy the amd kernel somewhere? Should I boot with some special flag?
  8. I still have my VM to modify the USB. Still, I shoved the three kexts in there, tried booting without flags and with -x -f -v, I even disabled the "Plug n' play OS" option from the BIOS. Nothing. It seems those kexts work up to 10.7, so I'm not really surprised. I might get a USB mouse and keyboard later, but I rather spend my money on something else, like an actual video card. Any other suggestions? I would like to thank everyone in the forum, regardless of me not succeeding just yet. You guys are really supportive. Kinda like the Linux community. You rock. EDIT: scratch that, I found working kexts! But now, now I have full access to the installation media...which means...now what? I tried opening Disk Utility and formating a 100 GB NTFS empty partition in my drive to HFS+, but it wouldn't let me, unless I formatted the whole drive. Which I'd rather avoid, but I can live with it. Also, my drive didn't show up among the drives I could install OS X to. However, my main concern is GPT. If I'm going to nuke my partitions and start all over, I'd go GPT, but I read it bugs real bad when used in conjunction with BIOS. Does anyone know something about this? If you tell me GPT and BIOS work fine, I'll just back up my data and format.
  9. I was going to give up on ML. But you know what? I didn't! Because I'm a persistent f*cker, that's why! ML WON'T BEAT ME! Ok, so I was going through the BIOS settings, looking for something to disable that might help. Disable ACPI 2.0? Still doesn't work. Disable APIC? Nope. Also, Windows won't boot, so I enabled them again. C1E? That sounds suspicious. I'll disable it. I boot into my ML USB with -v...and...oh my god...it's moving. The text is moving! Stuff is appearing on my screen! OH GOD! IT'S THE INSTALLER! I booted into the installer! And now...I...can't...move the pointer...and the keyboard doesn't work either...DAMMIT, I'M SO CLOSE! That's basically a recreation of my thoughts a few minutes ago. I came back to ask what could cause this. Both the keyboard and mouse are PS/2, I have no USB peripherals at home, and I don't even have Bluetooth on this thing. Maybe I'm missing a kext? Please please help me! I'm so close I can feel it!
  10. I kept reading through the instructions over and over again, but I just don't understand them. I need to make a USB stick in order to boot into my physical machine, but I think all these instructions expect me to have a working OS X installation, not on a VM, but on the physical machine itself. I don't have an external USB hard drive, only an 8GB pen drive, which should be enough for an install media. Unless there's something I'm missing, I'll have to go with the SL instructions, then upgrade to L, then ML, and hope it works...
  11. That's for Lion. Should I install that first, then (somehow) upgrade to ML? I'll give it a go, since Lion is older and therefore more thoroughly tested, but I was hoping to use ML since it sounds cooler
  12. I'm still stuck at the same spot, any ideas?
  13. Same results. Maybe I did something wrong? For instance, when it came to the FakeSMC kernel, I got a little confused, there were many files. I downloaded the FakeSMC_plugins rev609 zip and only added one that said "FakeSMC.kext" to /S/L/E. I'm not even sure that's how you do it... Or how about other kernels? I thought Andy Vandijck's was the best one, though, and that's the one I have.
  14. Nothing. It gets stuck at exactly the same point.
  15. Maybe I didn't express myself correctly (or I don't understand your replies), but I already have a VM up and running (I downloaded a pre-made VM, and it works great). I used it to create the USB, and I'm trying to install it natively. I was hoping I could install it in a small partition alongside Windows and Ubuntu (hence the MBR patch), but I could just format the whole thing if I need to, then add it back. My physical machine doesn't start the OS X installer, but I could test it with another VM, if that helps.