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  1. Hi Everyone, first of all I'm a huge noob so please go easy on me and thank you for your help in advance. I patched Yosemite to be able to do an MBR partition for my hard drive. That works, everything installs and is working fine. But when I go to install Chameleon, I open the package installer and run it on my HD. Then when I boot I get boot0:error. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you, Kate
  2. Chameleon Automatically Restarts Help!

    How do I do that? I'm so sorry for my stupidity on this matter. The only way I can get OS X to install without using a distro is by using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] (sorry I know its not allowed on this forum - I'm hoping for an exception) and the 10.9.5 MBR patch. Then I install to MBR, download chameleon pkg and run it successfully, shut down, start up to chameleon GUI, hit enter and then the computer just restarts. I'm open to any other options or suggestions and would truly appreciate them -- I've put a week of no sleep into trying to solve this. Thank you, Kate
  3. Hi, I know I'm a noob around here and I really hope my question doesn't offend anyone because of how stupid it is, but here is my question: I'm running a Rampage IV Extreme motherboard and installed Mavericks 10.9.5 on an MBR partition. I downloaded the chameleon pkg and ran it on the HD and now when I try to boot from the HD it loads all of the kexts with -v but then immediately restarts. Could someone be so kind as to help me out? Thank you, Kate
  4. [Sell] 12 Core Hackintosh Running Yosemite DP 8

    I suppose I wouldn't accept anything under $1500. Thanks for your questions
  5. [Sell] 12 Core Hackintosh Running Yosemite DP 8

    I'm open to any reasonable offer - the links show what the used chips and motherboard cost and I don't expect anywhere near that much so just send me a PM Everything was purchased brand new, built carefully, and hackintoshed. Since then I have run it twice - seems like too much power for my needs. Thanks, Kate
  6. Hi everyone, I have a computer with the specs below. I'm not trying to make a profit on it - just trying to put it in good hands and get reimbursed a bit. 2 x http://www.amazon.co...6/dp/B003ELYSJQ making a 12 core computer http://www.amazon.co...classified sr-2 48 GB of DDR3 Ram Geforce Graphics card 610 (upgrade optional) Its in a $100 Rosewill case with 2 DVD-RW drives and can have as many hard drives as you want -- SSD or HDD. Runs Yosemite perfectly - I've used it about 5 times and tested everything with no problems. Everything is still pretty much brand new if you wanted to take it apart. I'm open to any offers over $2000. Thanks Kate