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  1. Yeah I am having the same problem with the 110-1100 CTO. I downloaded a already created .aml and that worked but I lost bluetooth and screen brightness controls. THe battery icon goes away too. So I tired flashing f.06 and that was a big mistake. I had to remove the both wifi and wwan because it said they were unsupported. So then I flashed back to f.16, except mine came with f.18 which I can't find to flash back to. If you find anything let me know. I would like to have 10.5.8 so i can full resolution and trackspad support. Also I need to find I can get wwan in osx. I can't find any think about it for the hp only the dell's. I did a lot of research before i bought this netbook for osx. EDIT: I realized that the bluetooth stoped working when I installed the kext from the guide that gets most things working such as wifi.
  2. This worked for me to get to 10.5.8, but after apply the .aml i loose bluetooth and screen brightness control, is there any any to retain that? I tired going to bios f.06 and almost bricked my laptop because it doesn't supported the wifi and wwan cards. I had to take it apart and remove the card and flash f.16 back. My laptop came with f.18 which I can't flash back to as HP doesn't have it on their site. What can I do to get 10.5.8 to work? I have the HD display which doesn't work right in 10.5.5, doesn't show the other resoluions. As I understand it I can't install the needed kext without 10.5.8. I didn't like taking apart a 1 week old laptop, maybe somewhere should be noted if you have a newer windows 7 mini 110 not to flash less then f.16. I wish i could put f.18 back. Anyways, if I used your aml i am able to get to 10.5.8 without brightness control and bluetooth but the dsdt patcher ran in 10.5.8, just not 10.5.5. Is there a way to get full resolution and the better trackpad drivers in 10.5.5 if I can't get 10.5.8, what are people with newer mini doing? Thanks for the help, I didn't a lot of research before buying a netbook to get one that would run osx. -William EDIT: I realized that the bluetooth stoped working when I installed the kext from the guide that gets most things working such as wifi.
  3. Intel Wireless driver

    I installed the 3945 lastes and it gave me a kernal panic. I have a hp nc6320 laptop.
  4. I almost got my nc6320 working. I just replaced IOPCCardfamily.kext and that didn't work, kernal panic. Then i replaced all the files from the other post with the zip file extenstions.zip. And it saw the PC card but then i got USB wake event. But i saw that it saw the pc card TI xx12. So i have to put the orginal files back. I did edit the file and put in the memory address. Should i have to replace any other file than IOPCardfamily? Also that file doesn't exist. I can't seem to just add that file causes painc except for when i replaced them all. Any ideas? would really like to get this working so, i can get some kinda of wireless. I have a sony gc83 cell card that will work. Anyone know if it is possible to get the netgear wpn111 usb wireless working? Thanks, this board has been super helpful, couldn't of gotten this far without everyones hard work!
  5. Intel Wireless driver

    I have an hp nc6320 withe the 3445 wireless. I can get the driver to load but thats it. Anything I can do to help? Any progress on this? Thanks
  6. Analog devices SoundMax AD1981HD on HP notebooks

    I have nc6320 and same thing with Azalia. With HDA i don't even get volume icon. Any update on this? I agree it has to do with the mute button. Except on mine OSx reacts like the button is working.