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  1. Install OS X After Win 7

    Thanks for the info! Is there a guide somewhere on how to fix the Windows bootloader? Ive done some research and it sounds like the hardware should be ok using the info from the guide.
  2. Hi, I have an ASUS netbook (1001PXD) running Windows 7 Starter and would like to install OS X onto it. I have found the following guide which seems fairly straight forward. However, the only thing I am unsure about is if I can retain my existing Windows 7 installation as I dont want to lose this. Will installing OS X using the above method damage the Windows bootloader? My HDD is currently partitioned into: C Drive with Windows 7 install (NTFS) D Drive empty (NTFS). I plan to reformat this to FAT32 so that I can then use Disk Utility to reformat as HFS and install OS X here. hidden partition with system recovery. I dont want to damage any of the other partitions when installing to D drive. Is this possible?