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  1. Bluetooth was working but it's not right now. I tried reinstall kexts… I can turn on or off it can't find any devices and devices can't find notebook… Any solutions?
  2. Hey guys! A have new problem... I've decided to install again OSX, on clean drive. Everything works, wifi, bluetooth, battery still shows that "needs repair" but now i can see battery info in "System Info" and battery lasts for 4h, hdmi audio works too. But i have 2 problems 1. I have artifacts on random place at desk, or website. I had this before very rarely, now i see it way more but never always. 2. Today i noticed that sleep don't work. (yesterday was working). When osx goes to sleep it's still dark screen and i hear that notebook works. And the only way to back to osx is reset... I've used 3830tg kexts (not 5830) EDIT: Now i remember that i had problem with sleep: It looks that same except that i didn't installed usb 3.0 kext. I've using this usb to charge iphone yesterday but it shouldn't be reason of this problem right? NEXT EDIT: I've updated OSX to 10.8.4 and after that both problems disappeared at this moment...
  3. Is there any possibility to install only battery kext from iAtkos installation without installing everything from the beginning and losing dualboot etc?
  4. I have turned on integrated graphic card option and i check battery in system reports and i see "An error occurred during collecting that information." (translated from polish - i'm not sure how looks that error in english)
  5. About my problem with microphone: Yeah, mic didn't worked on Win8 too... Before instalation Mac my notebook was in service and somebody didn't plug microphone on motherboard... Today i spreaded my notebook plugged in and everything works So forgive me about writing about this "problem" at least once per month... And touchpad works too! It wasn't bad kext but me...I had press once Fn+F7 which disable touchpad...now everything works fine...what's wrong with me? Maybe except one: Battery works, but I always have "Needs repair". And on Mac works with battery ~3h. On Win8 it was minimum ~4-5h. Of course I'm talking about web, office etc not playing games.
  6. I have question: I see added in first post package of kext for 5830tg if in future i,ll install mac on 5830tg again i should use this kext package instead "4830TG kext"? Or this is some addon for my notebook? And thanks for bluetooth and HDMI Audio kexts! Works! Tomorrow i'll check on Windows 8 my microphone because still don't work
  7. BTW, i've just noticed that my touchpad don't work...i dont remember when i was using this last time but i remember that i was installing elan touchpad driver but it was working when i was using touchpad last time...
  8. I've already removed VoodooHDA and back to AppleHDA and i have only InternalMic and still nothing. At VoodooHDA I had digital input but no voice from mic.
  9. Hey. I haven't written here for a while but i still use this ML And almost everything works, except that microphone and HDMI audio... Is there any possibility to fix this? I've installed mounth ago VoodooHDA to try repair this but still no change... I have 5830tg
  10. Sorry about double post but i have new issue... Yesterday i've installed fix for iMessage and this kext for USB 3.0. And after that i have problems with wake up after sleep... I've trying to wake up notebook after sleep twice and every time i hear that disk and fan is working but notebook isn't wake...and i must reboot. And when i booting i see "Incorrect image signature". Except that osx run and works good.
  11. Funny story: I've changed in my router wireless mode in "only b" and wifi works! So at this moment everything works good on 5830TG except microphone. Thanks for help and i'll write if i'll find solution for mic.
  12. So i must just buy another wifi card - thats better solution than no solution About battery issue, i've downloaded this kext ( http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3169) and works nice. When i was using skype i noticed that my microphone don't works. Any solutions? And i still have problem with booting without USBstick... I was trying with Win8 CD and by gparted in Ubuntu... and difference is that now i have "boot0: done"... Except that everything works well and thanks for help.
  13. This don't help and i see that my osx dont see my battery (it was before try that kext). And in safe mode wifi wasn't working too.
  14. Ok, i've installed this fix and everything works good! Except WiFi. Ethernet works. Any ideas how to repair wifi? I'm writing form ML 1.8.2 Thanks for help!