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  1. I think it's about VGA Kext. If You Still Have VGA Kext From 10.8.2 you can use it. I Hope you still Have it. try booting with -x or single mode if necessary.
  2. I have strange problem on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Sometimes USB 3 does not work specially when u put on before the system ready ( before startup ). Does Any one Have Same problem too ? Is there any working with Intel Wireless Centrino N-1030 and Radeon HD 6490 M ?
  3. Finally I can Install iAtkos ML2 on Dell Vostro 3350 Pre requires : You Have iAtkos ML2 DVD or USB Stick ( I will skip the process of making this, I'm sure there are a lot of it on the net ) and Off Course You Have Dell Vostro 3350. ( unfortunetly we can not use the Radeon ATI HD 6490 M as VGA card on this. For Now We Have to user Intel HD 3000 device ) Step : Boot With Your iAtkos ML2 with DVDROM or USB stcik ( if you're using usb stick you must have -x boot parameter ) Select : MODEL - Macbook Pro 8.1 SOUND - Dont select any kext here, Let's empty VGA - On ATI - Disable ATI kext On Intel - HD 3000 Intel Kext Lets Install proses until reboot Post Install : The Firsttime Boot You will got your Dislpay flickering, but don't worry. It is because the IntelHD3000 Kext. Just download the proper kext from here and read the instruction ! The Sound is still not working because we don't install any kext yet for it. Let's download from the kext from here and install it. You must enabler permission to install from another source at security and privacy setting. The only thing can not work at this beside the Radeon HD 6490 ( device id : 6760 ) is the wifi device ( Intel Wireless Centrino-N 1030 ), I hope someone will make it works someday. I'm going to use usb wifi mean while ... Here's the screenshot Update : Updating to 10.8.3 ( combo update ) make USB 3 working nice, and Intel HD Graphics Working on QE/CI