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  1. Please specify further what is meant by "YOUR PATH" This with a .dmg file or a dvd? maybe I'm just sleepy...
  2. Yeah I know. Need an i3 or i5 to get the top performance out of the 660. It ain't broke. Not gonna fix it yet
  3. Same here all along read up a bit on it tried what people said to no avail
  4. RC4 slowed the clock for me some but it's still fast. Pink launchpad icons. Desktop items lettering gets graphical glitching. Flash video above 360p in either safari or srwareiron = haywire color orgy. Flash video in firefox works above 360p, but after 10~15 seconds the vids freeze. No audio working yet. Hardware = phenom ii x4 820, gtx 660. Cinebench in windows = 58 fps, in mavericks = 38 fps (ouch!) Anyway, it's functional and I am most pleased. GJ! forgot to mention the freezes. There's been a few kp's. Notably when playing a .mp4 with vlc and opening the clock settings. Other kp's both happened with vlc and / or flash + some type of vid open. Quicktime won't play squat but I think it's cuz I have audio drivers installed just not working correctly? shrug
  5. [AMD] Working Builds!

    AMD Phenom II x4 820 ASRock 880GXH/USB3 8gb G.SKILL DDR3 Nvidia GTX 470 Using WDC WD6400AAKS for this project. Partitions = 3x30gb + 1x511gb. 1st = 10.7.5, 2nd = 10.8.2, 3rd at the beginning of the process = 10.6.7 - I have since replaced it with Linux Mint 14, using easybcd grub2 autodetect to boot it. Installed Snow Leopard to 3rd partition. Installed Lion from inside Snow Leopard via IATKOS V2 (10.7.2) w/ the help of showallfiles & osinstall pkg. Regular options chosen (evoreboot, fakesmc, etc) Replaced kernel on the Lion drive with mach_kernel_FX_10_7_X_64.zip. (not sure which kernel this is) Replaced IOPCIFamily.kext with netkas's. Replaced Finder with DP2 x32 finder. Installed latest Chameleon. Used flags: arch=i386 -f npci=0x2000 (<-- was already in the list even if unchecked) GraphicsEnabler=Yes fsb=250000000 busratio=14 Booted. Updated to 10.7.5 via combo update previously downloaded. Pointed Chameleon Wiz to a different kernel before rebooting, (from the patched kernels wiki) Bronzovka 10.7.4 kernel [10] [11] (amd_1074_i386_64bit.zip). Replaced Finder again w/ dp2 x32 from inside leopard. Repaired, voila Audio took me a while, but it was easy. I got the systeminfo app and saw azalia audio as my hardware, so I went to osx86net and searched for it and used the one dated 10th April 2012. My chip = ALC892. Only 2 channels work - at least it's working though! Sounds good. No popping. No dsdt editing. For my uses it's great as is. *am not using -legacy flag. *have not had to do the Xpchelper fix. *Do have QE/CI. Am using Nvidia's latest drivers for 10.7.5 via nvidia installers. *Installed Chimera bootloader first before chameleon because of video issues experienced with past installs, I think /extra/modules is created? No clue if that's relevant or helpful. Also, Chameleon saves commands inputed @ bootloader bios screen.. idk how to turn it off other than by installing chimera over it.. *If I were going to install this on another machine outside of my own, I'd get myhack and make a myhack usb of 10.7.2 /w the kexts, kernels (name them different and point chameleon wizard to whichever you choose) and bootloader listed above. Running myhackfix in full mode has broken previous lion installs for myself.. just sayin'.. be careful with it. I'm guessing it has to do with the cache rebuilding.. I've had issues with cloning this particular setup and I suspect it's the var/db (shadowcopy) but idk. I'm just scratchin the surface.. *My 10.8.2 is bootable only after I removed the geforce / nvidia kexts from System/Library/Extensions. GraphicsEnabler obviously isn't working for me It's useful to have it there for editing the 10.7.5 partition and vice versa though. A work in progress.. BTW, THANKS for making this possible hackintosh community!
  6. I'm not sure if you can from vmware. Probably be some hassle if it's possible. You should be able to create a myhack disk pretty easily, though I haven't done specifically what I'm talking about.. 1. get myhack 2. install it, run it, install your choice osx. (to a usb drive) 3. Copy and replace mach_kernel (on the myhack disk) 4. Run Chameleon Wizard 5. Install Chameleon to myhack disk 6. Customize boot.plist probably same settings as vm 7. Boot from the myhack disk / install osx native The DSDT stuff has my mind blown. *edit* this method for you would of course mean you'd need vmwaretools / darwin installed and working on your current vm copy. If you can't get at this method I'm talking about, install 10.6 and run it native to alleviate.