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  1. Hi guys, Finally managed to install Yosemite on my HP Elitebook 8570P Here is how it's done for those interested: I follow the guide as posted here. Installed chameleon as bootloader though because I was not able to boot CLOVER in safe mode (got an error every time). Delete all kexts that refer to bluetooth (should be 4). Then reboot the pc using the USB and choose following boot options: -v -x. Works like a charm. Still looking for kexts for wireless, battery, sound, .... Without the -x option it crashes, still have to figure that out too Will update this post as i get further. All help is welcome Cheers Tikifg
  2. Hey, could you explain how you did the install? I am trying on my ELitebook 8570, but get a black screen everytime... thx Tikifg
  3. HP EliteBook 8540p 10.9 Mavericks Guide

    Fixed it with new GenericUSBXHCI from osx86.net
  4. HP EliteBook 8540p 10.9 Mavericks Guide

    I installed Mavericks on my HP Elitebook 8570p, got everything working, except for my USB3 ports (right hand side), the other are working (left hand side). Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks... works like a charm on my HP Elitebook 8570p. Didn't even need to bother with my HD4000 it was recognized automatically with 1024 MB VRAM
  6. Can't get Intel HD4000 to work

    I Used ########## to create an UBS-stick. See the boot options I mentionned earlier. THis should work. If it doesn't, i'll send you my files
  7. Can't get Intel HD4000 to work

    lol. But works excellent for the moment so I won't chage it
  8. Can't get Intel HD4000 to work

    Will not work for me, because it doesn't enable duallink
  9. Can't get Intel HD4000 to work

    Here are the texts I used. Did you use my tutorial above to enable HD4000? Kexts Elitebook 8570p.zip
  10. I know it sounds strange, but I solved the "waiting for root device" by unplugging and re-inserting my USB stick with the installer on.
  11. Can't get Intel HD4000 to work

    Added working USB 3 ports, but can't use Touchpad PrefPane. It says no touchpad found, but I can use it. Anyone any solutions?
  12. Try -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No KernelCache=No. Works for most HP's
  13. Can't get Intel HD4000 to work

    Just to keep you guys posted: have working sound, touchpad, battery and ethernet. Anyone with HP Elitebook can ask for them
  14. Had the same problem when installing. pulled out the USB-thumb drive and reinserted it and it continued installing. If that does not help, try booting with -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No KernelCache=No
  15. Imaging MacBook Pros

    Both programs I mentionned have à rescuecd option so you can boot in them without needing Windows. Mac OsX Installer does format the entire HDD. That's why i've installed It on an external HDD and moved THE partition with paragon