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  1. I'm running into the same issues now with the ethernet card Ordered the realtek card you mentioned, will try and get it in soon. 10.11 working ok? Might try and update too!
  2. Will give that new kext a go in a few days. The server needs to have a display connected when booting as otherwise screensharing is painfully slow. It's an OS X issue it seems. CPU vs GPU processing for screen sharing. I use it headless. Not that big a deal seeing as I don't restart much but means can't try out a new kext without first plugging the server into a monitor for boot! I'm just waiting on a HDMI dummy plug that I've ordered. That should solve the issue. Tricks it into thinking that a monitor is plugged in and can change resolution and hopefully keep a speedy screen share! How is the realtek card working? Saf
  3. Hey, Before you do, I've got another kext if you wanna try? I remembered that when I setup the micro server on Yosemite, I was using the ethernet kext that you guys were linking to. And when using Snow Leopard, I remembering looking around and tweaking a kext slightly. I took the old kext out of the snow leopard install and put it in here and it seems to be working fine in Yosemite, as it used to for me in Snow Leopard. Did that a few hours after my last post here and the server has an uptime of 33 days now and hasn't flinched under heavy loads. I've been away and constantly VPN'd to it for 14 days out of that too. I've attached it. Let me know how you get on. BCM5722D.kext.zip
  4. How's the server running for you Edhawk? So far so good for me. My problem with the USB drives have stopped. The issue was the Apple USB keyboard. If that was plugged in at boot and left in, then the USB drives used to stop responding after a while. As long as it's unplugged, no issues. The ethernet is still a bit rubbish. I know that the issue is the kext not being made for this, but I had absolutely no issues under Snow Leopard. Zero issues under heavy load etc. With Yosemite, occasionally under heavy load, it loses connection and the IP address changes to 168.xxxx. Needs a restart. But other than that, no real issues. Will do a bit more tweaking with the ethernet and update if I get to the bottom of my issue. Saf
  5. Thanks for checking that! What SMBios are you using at the moment with the N36L? Yup, will be keeping an eye on the AMD El Capitan Kernel dev and tinkering about with it. Hopefully it'll work just as well as Yosemite!
  6. Edhawk: Could you check something for me please? When booting the server in verbose mode, do you get the following error message at anytime?: SATA WARNING: Enable auto-activate failed. It spits up this line during the boot up. No issues and boots and works fine. Just wondered if you were getting the same line so I can rule out any hardware errors on my server! Thanks! Saf
  7. Such a shame, they make nice little OS X server boxes! The Gen 8 could've been fun to play with! I'm itching for an upgrade! Ignore my previous network moan, it's actually normal. No issues with that other than my own mistakes! Still having a few issues with these USB drives. I'm thinking it could be the drives though. Still tweaking. How's your clock? Is it too fast or is it ok? Mine seems to have sorted itself out now. Clover picked up the bus speed and now the time is running as it should and not faster! I've put the OS X server app on, mainly for the VPN server but the other features look interesting. Shame it isn't El Capitan as the server app supports iOS folder shares for it. Might give El Capitan a go on the spare HDD if I get some time. Will have to do some reading up first! Still can't believe how well Yosemite runs on the N36L. To think Snow Leopard was back in 2011! Saf
  8. Shame about the Gen8 Yup, the N36L runs surprisingly fast with Yosemite. Boots fast and it's ok. I'm still testing and tweaking. Not fully sure with the stability yet. I'm finding the ethernet isn't as fast as it used to be. I think it throws up a lot of errors using this kext too. In Snow Leopard, I had no issued with it. Streaming, file sharing from computer to computer, downloading etc was nice and speedy. Little slower in Yosemite. Also having an issue with USB drives. They're always connected and after some time, they sometimes don't work. Files won't show or load and it crashes finder which can't be relaunched. Have to hard restart it with power button. I'm not sure if that's an issue with the external hard drives though. I'm just tweaking all that now. The time is still going too fast but I've had it auto update with a script. Other than that, it's going ok. Hopefully I can sort out these minor issues! Are there any newer ethernet kexts? Or anything to have more stable USB ports?
  9. Sounds good Edhawk Look forward to hearing about your Gen8 attempts! Thanks 85Razor Sounds good too! Haha completely different to an N40L!! What are your plans with it? Also - Are you guys still having that same problem as with Snow Leopard about the time running too fast on the Microserver? Mine is still running faster than it should. Had a script which kept updating the time regularly but wondering if any of you guys have a better way or managed to solve it? Saf
  10. Sounds good! Let us know how you get on with the Gen8 I've got an N54L that I use as a Windows server for some very light business use. Could move that over to the N36L but someone stepped on a USB cable that was plugged into the back of it and now whenever you try to use the back USB ports, it shorts and restarts the whole thing Hope you have luck with the Gen8! I've not read anything about it OS X on or come across anyone who's tried it yet. Could be a first!
  11. IT WORKS! The HD5450 WORKS! Just had to add the device ID into the kexts and reboot! I'm feeling severely emotional. I kinda wanna cry a little. Screen sharing works nice and smoothly, it WORKS!!!! Now to calm down and move over all the stuff from my Snow Leopard HDD Thanks for all the help 85Razor and Edhawk! I reinstalled it using your extremely simple Clover method (again) and done. Surprisingly snappy and responsive considering this is Yosemite vs Snow Leopard on this old N36L! Now just need to install clover on to the boot hard drive instead of using the USB and should be ready to go! Thanks again and if anyone needs any help, post and I'll do what I can to help! It's super simple, doesn't even need a step by step because there aren't many steps!!
  12. Nope doesn't work Made the installer USB using Clover as you said. Boots the verbose info but as soon as that's finished, it goes black screen and restarts. Only way to get it to boot is to remove the AMD kexts I give up. Ordered a Asus ATI HD5450 in the hope that it works
  13. Yup use that SMBIOS. Card is detected exactly the same as yours in Clover too... Changed a BIOS setting and it disabled the HD6450 and enabled the onboard graphics. Somehow, clover has detected that as a Radeon HD 4330M and enabled the 'Inject ATI' for it which caused it to boot into a resolution of 1280x1024 through the VGA. I'm not actually bothered about the graphics or the way it looks on a monitor as I use it as a headless server. Only issue is that screensharing is really slow and crashes the computer! I was hoping that sorting the graphics out would resolve it How does screensharing work for you with working graphics? Can you screenshare into the server with no lag and without it crashing the server?
  14. @85Razor What kernel are you using? Any chance you could link me to it/upload it? Thanks
  15. Reinstalled Yosemite. Still coming across same problems. Got a spare USB stick, installed clover on it as per your instructions 85Razor, and I've booted into OS X without having to remove the graphics kexts. The system recognised the card as: AMD Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450/R5 230. However, VRAM is 5 MB and resolution is unchangeable from 1280 x 1024. But at least there's progress!