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  1. So basically with Shrike framebuffer it enables DVI , but unlike Peregrine that requires HDMI cable plugged. What we got here is this: Motmot = VGA only Shrike = DVI only - i cant test this because my monitor died last night Peregrine = DVI only + must have HDMI cable plugged to recognize dvi output. Maybe with other framebuffer we will get dual monitors, but maybe...
  2. I wrote before in this topic , its all default installation , no kexts modified or anything else. Motmot framebuffer gives VGA only Peregrine framebuffer gives DVI only , but you need hdmi cable plugged in port. Only graphicsenabler=y is in boot.plist nothing else. Did u tried with Shrike ?
  3. ATI equivalent of NVCAP?

    need someone to explain this stuff, and right now i cant see anyone who can do that, except netkas, but he isn't willing to do, and that sucks.
  4. 4670 panics at boot on 10.6.2

    First of all u dont know what bootloader u have installed, when you learn how to tell us that information i will tell you what to do to get it working. btw, 4670 card works 100% but there are different framebuffers that enable only certain output graphic ports on your card..
  5. Today i tried with HDMI cable , here what i got.. I found out that in Cameleon2 RC4 ATI Injector from netkas uses { 0x10029490, "Motmot"} framebuffer.. With this framebuffer only VGA output works... BUT PC EFI 10.6 uses other framebuffer for this card, its using { 0x10029490, "Peregrine"} framebuffer, so when i boot with VGA and DVI output monitors i get blank screen, its booting all normal no kernel panics but black screen. So i tested 10.6 with HDMI cable plugged in , then it starts to work DVI but no HDMA or VGA... So the thing is really {censored} , with Motmot framebuffer it enables only VGA monitor , but with Peregrine framebuffer it enables only DVI monitor (recognised as TV) BUT I must have plugged in HDMI cable also... I really dont know what the F*CK to try , i tried editing ati.c source switching other display to LCD const char *ati_display_type_0[] = { "@0,display-type", "LCD" }; const char *ati_display_type_1[] = { "@1,display-type", "NONE" }; <-- this to LCD nothing happens... Also i think this have some deal with outputs struct ati_data_key ati_connector_type_0 = { 0x04, "@0,connector-type", {0x00, 0x04, 0x00, 0x00} }; struct ati_data_key ati_connector_type_1 = { 0x04, "@1,connector-type", {0x04, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00}}; But i really dont know what thiese 0x04 are and in what position it should be or where they come from... If someone who understands this kind of stuff read this, maybe will give me some suggestion to try it out. BTW.. i like to know if ANYONE managed to get dual monitor on any ATI card under snow leopard..
  6. Thanks Eugene you are G.O.D!! I respect people like you!
  7. yea i am thinking of dumping this ati card and get 9800gt , since there is no community , or any will for fixing ati cards.
  8. It works without pci0 , pci1 there is no need for adding this ones specifically, atleast for me. What i want to do right now is to have dual monitors connected , but i cant find some hack to enable this, maybe someone will read this and help me out. Good to know that you got it working also.
  9. After long struggling with kernel panics, no screen and what not to get this card to work i succeeded , so just to report that really it works.. Instead of using netkas PC-EFI 10.5 or 10.6 , which gives me nothing but black screen on both monitors VGA - DVI , i was using Chameleon RC4 boot version , and it worked , but only on one monitor .. only on VGA. What i will try tomorrow to do is to connect HDMI cable on other monitor so maybe i will have luck to get to work with both. So to all who have this card, go with chameleon rc4 - GraphicsEnabler=Yes and VGA port , ah and of course 10.6.2 version of Snow leopard.. If anyone have dual monitors working , or any tricks that might work, please leave comment of how you did it so you can help me , and others that are trying to get this card working.
  10. Philips SAA7130 TV Tuner

    i have that chip saa7130 if could anyone make some drivers...
  11. Kernel panic on iDeneb v 1.3 10.5.5

    yea could you tell , i have same random kernel panics on ideneb , on p5b with sata disk, ide, and usb hard disk, so tell me how you made this , i think its from ideneb this kernel crash , i have it installed on my laptop and laptop crashes after random time.
  12. HP dv6000 & dv9000 series

    you are not typing it right. list disk the disk will show up, then select disk 0 ( if you have only one disk else 1 ) and you will type other steps below, but you can do that with partition magic, or any other program that is dealing with partitions, so you just have to make ordinary FAT partition, and set that partition active.
  13. HP dv6000 & dv9000 series

    ok guys, we must find a way to get this conexant audio full working. I have Conexant CX20549 (Venice) and only speakers out, nothing more, with azalia audio , and with the core dump on linux, the taruga`s patcher , says that this card is unsupported, also with webcam, ricoh, i sent an email to macam developers , if you can send them too maybe they will start to develop drivers cuz on linux they are already existing , so maybe they will port it more easily.
  14. This must be a bug , the fan should not be working like this , i am starting to get worried about this thing because this is certainly not good for my laptop , if somebody could help us out with this ... The fan is constantly working to keep the temperature on 37c , and it seems that it is not controlling the fan right, because there should be an different levels of speed on the fan proportionally to the temperature... anyone any suggestions about this? I think that i will get back on vista because this is eating my battery very fast with core2duotemp it shows that the temp is near 35c with no applications , or working on the system, and the current frequency is 2.0ghz i have c2d 2.0 ghz , so it means that the frequency is fixed, but it should be variable on centrino , am i right??
  15. Ok , i have pavilion 6187ea , with core 2 duo 2.0ghz , and using Jas 10.4.8 version, the problem is that the fan is working non-stop and never shuts down , i installed temperature monitor, and it shows that the cpu`s cores are running at 32c all the time the fan is working but cannot lower the degree of heat, is this normal thing in Mac , because in windows the fan is only working when there is a need for that but NOT nonstop working ... PLEASE HELP if anyone knows what is the problem with this.