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  1. I am still getting paused @ PCIRootUID Value 1 or 0 ive tried both and did this install with the retail version on SL 10.6.8 any one ive tried that the farhest i've got...
  2. If i did find a friend with new retail version or have a MacBook Pro how do i get from the store on to a CD.
  3. Unfortunately, We don't have a Mac Store where i live. Also I followed link to Apple to upgrade but i cant purchase i guess from windows 8. I guess ill continue looking for more answers how to buy. or try and borrow it from a friend. If i did that how would i get it from them?
  4. I've used just about every method Known VirtualBox, #####, HackBoot, Chamelean. HackBoot makes it where i can boot from the Leapoard CD. I havent been able to find where to buy Mac OS X and before i do i'd like to know it will work alongside windows 8 or atleast on a seperate hard drive. Can you please link me to where i can buy it ive looked and it seems unable to buy it from PC without apple store. can we link up via skype and msg or teamviewer or something of that nature. I need a step by step help ive read all i can read and have tried all boot commands
  5. Please Someone..... 12 views no post
  6. Hello Ive been trying to install mac OS X on my GIGAbyte motherboard for some time now and could really use some help. Please Help getting stuck at Using PCI-Root-UID value: 1 or 0 <---- This is where it Pauses!! Argghh :/ i7-950 @ 3.06 8 cores Haf 932 coolermaster case 12 gbs of ram H100 corsair liquid cooling Msi n250gts Samsung 24x DVD/cd burner Gigabyte g1 guerilla motherboard Antec 850w power supply Dual moniters 24" lg 19" Sidewinder Keyboard x4 Mx518 mouse 5.1 Logitech speakers 20" high grade mouse pad 16gb USB stick 1 more tb external HDD If anyone could please help me it would greatly apprciated Im trying to install it on a 250GB partition i made from the external i have windows 8 installed on the other but not plugged i Im trying Hackboot v7 as we speak. Will be back with results. Well HackBoot didnt work as well. Running out of options i cant even get to Installation screen Using 10.6.6i Snow Leapord.