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    10.8 on Lenovo G570 (i5-2450M) no QE/CI

    I used a retail installer built with a Clover bootloader and picked up a tip to use GraphicsInjector=No. Son of a {censored}...booted the installer with full Graphics Acceleration. I may just post a guide soon for other users. I've been using 10.8.4 retail with full QE/CI, almost no issues for half a month. Only issues - no card reader, and HDMI won't output sound. But, well...XD you win some, you lose some.
  2. Chanzellor

    10.8 on Lenovo G570 (i5-2450M) no QE/CI

    Ah, interesting, I haven't tried that one yet. What prevents me from attempting it - he lists in his specs that he has the i5-2430M, I have the 2450M, which when making the smbios with Champlist, I noticed that it allows me to make a MacbookPro 8,1 (2430m), and it skips over 2450 altogether. 'll give it a go, however, and I guess I'll see what happens.
  3. Hi, I have a Lenovo G570; not the i3, the i5-2450M chipset with Intel HD 3000, 8 gigs of RAM, and the 500GB HDD. Using any distribution, or retail installation method, I have to remove all the kexts, including the Intel HD 3000 kexts, to boot into the desktop. Once I'm in, after dumping my DSDT, creating an SMbios with Macbook 8,1, and installing Intel HD 3000 kexts from dropbox, or wherever else (because the stock kexts and framebuffer gives me a black screen) I get resolution, but no QE/CI. I can get almost everything else working except acceleration. I've tried everything from DSDT patchesm, to modified kexts, to EFI strings - with almost every bootloader; I cannot get these kexts to work, and I know I'm not the only one with this model. There seems to be fragmentation and confusion in the forums because there's multiple models with the same G570 identifier, and any guides I find refer to the G570 i3 model, which doesn't help. Can anybody give me a hand with this? Thanks. ------------UPDATE!!!-------------- Success! On those usual shady sites where one may or may not find somewhat less than legally acquired software (you know the ones) I found an installer along the name of "OS X 10.8.4 Mountain Lion bootable USB for Intel PCs" It uses Clover as a bootloader. When the bootloader starts, turn off GraphicsInjector in the GUI, or just start with the key GraphicsInjector=No. The installer will boot, firing full QE/CI. XD A month's journey come to an end. After that, I just installed as normal. Installed Clover to the internal HDD. VooDooHDA for sound, replaced the internal WiFi with an Atheros 9287, and boom. o.o Hackbook Pro.
  4. Hello; I've managed to successfuly boot the iAtkos S3 v2 install image on the HP g6 1d60US. It's specs are: APU: Core A4-3305M RAM: 4GB DDR3 SDRAM GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6480G Those are the important ones for now. I'm not concerned with any of the other hardware as of right now, and anybody else that owns this laptop shouldn't be concerned either - the important part at this point is getting the system successfully installed and booted. Also, I am aware there's no driver for the integrated graphics. Now - onto my process: I created an install USB of iAtkos S3 V2 on a friend's Macbook Pro, then ran Chameleon 2 RC5 Pre8 onto the USB to make it bootable. I booted with the flags "cpus=1 busratio=21 arch=i386 -v", in that order. I get to the installer. Because HP is garbage and their BIOS's are locked down, AHCI is not enabled by default so I used an external HDD. The problem now, is I am not sure what options to pick in Customization for my system. I've tried multiple variations and the installation goes through just fine, but I can't boot the system. It reboots, picks up the external HDD, starts Chameleon, then the new installation attempts to boot, and hangs on a black screen. Some help would be lovely from others that have tried and failed with this laptop (the reason I say tried and failed is because for some reason, I've searched topics with this model in the past and nobody wants to help us. So we're helping ourselves. o_O); I figure together we can succeed, since everybody else sucks. Thank you in advance.
  5. Has anybody been looking into this topic? Does anybody even care about those of us with The Cedarview equipment? I mean, if we have access to the Linux PowerVR drivers, there has to be some way to port. o.o If I had even the slightest clue where to begin, hell I'd start from scratch, I just don't have the capability myself.