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  1. New to this and stuck!

    I am attempting to install Iatkos ML2 on an asus s6fm by using a usb drive created on a macbook air. I have followed the video guide on the Iatkos forum, obviously unsuccessfully!!! Can anyone point me in the direction of written step by step instructions as the video on youtube isn't very clear. Thank you.
  2. ML on usb

    I have had a macbook air (2010) for 2 years and have now got used to os x. I decided to put it on my other pc as I can't get to grips with windows 8 and prefer mountain lion. I have read and read threads on forums, and just wanted to check the process. I've followed the video guide on the Iatkos website, using my MBA and I have downloaded iatkos ML2 to desktop. I have managed to follow everything until the 4 minute point, where, on the video they have an icon on the desktop called IATKOS ML2, which when opened contains various folders. I have the same icon but its labelled System, and contains 2 folders, Installation and Library. So now I'm confused!!! Can anyone suggest what I might have done wrong, please? .