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  1. How can I encrypt data on a hackintosh?

    Aha, I thought so. But not in [Caution:off topic for a moment] PC-BSD using Geli to encrypt whole disk - it wants you to enter the encryption pass wordings for both disks, one at a time, at boot up - so when 2d disk failes, not able to enter 2d password and entire boot up stops and drops to grub "rescue" mode. Some Ubuntu user posted some elaborate intramfs script for similar problem that happened on Ubuntu under similar circumstances. Will see soon enough on Mac, later next week when having time. On Mac I forgot to mention that it seems, after entering the Filevault2 password, disk icon not appear on desktop until you type: sudo zpool import mypoolname, and you got to enter sudo zpool export mypoolname when you are going to disconnect zfs disk. Still taking baby steps till getting more comfortable but the range of options and things you can do seems REALLY powerful. Thanks UnH
  2. How can I encrypt data on a hackintosh?

    @Mac Wiesel Many thanks for posting, have just started experimenting with ZFS and is starting to realizing its potential. Did not know it could be done on external drive with filevault2. Great detailed examples. In ZFS is mirrored disk an exact copy of original ? In other words if 2d disk fails could I clonezilla 1st disk and then restore to new 2d drive and mirroring working again ? Appears to be a problem recovering from an encrypted mirror (2 disks, main disk and mirror, both encrypted, when one fails). Anyway, thanks again !
  3. AppleRTC patch (CMOS reset)

    Well done, the patch worked immediately for 10.10.1 on a Lenovo Desktop. No more resetting of Bios when I shut down. Thanks !