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  1. Same problem here using the same motherboard with an i3 CPU, but without additional GPU and the onboard CPU-GPU instead. Does anyone have an idea how that can happen?
  2. Well, and did you do anything else than just do the same thing again? Installed 10.8 over the 10.8 setup or just started over again? Because reproducing the same thing should result in the same errors
  3. Same here on my system.
  4. Installation works flawlessly but every second app (mail, reminders, notes, ...) crashes on startup. The system is snappy as Lion and I'm writing this post in a fully functional Safari, but the crashes are strange.
  5. Sending the debug messages to the screen also takes processing time which can be saved by omitting -v on boot.
  6. Effendi

    Chameleon RC5 1159 vs issue

    mach_kernel zipped to circumvent file size limit of this board. Original from GM.
  7. Effendi

    Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

    Funny, had to reinstall after going to slepp once without the proper kext (kids touch everything...) and now, using the patches dsdt.aml, I can't use the onboard network again - stops at boot
  8. Effendi

    App Store Error: No GUID is available

    Well, imagine you already bought some app there and can't access it now. Yes, I know, that's your point basically, but mine is just as legit. I want to access it, no matter if I plan to buy any more there .
  9. Does not really matter what I think as I am not one of the dev's
  10. Effendi

    App Store Error: No GUID is available

    GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRoot=1 EthernetBuiltIn=Yes ... FullyWorkingSystem=Yes Still the same error. :-/ Guess I'll wait until I can buy Lion to see if that fixes it.
  11. Usekernelcache=Yes fixes that but the system won't load anything from /E/E as a result. Either install everything to /S/L/E or live with the long boot. For now at least.
  12. For me GraphicsEnabler=Yes fixed the problem.
  13. Effendi

    Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

    Now this is very enlightening! I added your DSDT code to my DSDT.aml, rebooted, no change. I then added Marvell88E8056.kext from vmaraccini and now my native ethernet is recognized! Yay! Thanks!
  14. Effendi

    Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

    My solution: Buy the Apple USB-to-Ethernet adaptor, it works with that one...