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  1. Has anybody got this working on a Lenovo Thinkpad T410/T510 with onboard GFX only?

    You can surely do it on ANY laptop (whose monitor is not connected via eDP - you can check this through Linux) running first gen Intel Core processor (i3 or i5) with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 5700 (0042:8086 and 0046:8086). Just try it.



    I really don't know what the problem was, but this time instead of using iAtkos I used an original .dmg appstore file for OSX ML with myHack instead of that stupid method from that other commercial Hackintosh forum I don't even want to mention (& it can go to hell for giving me such headaches). Afterwards I just followed EVERYTHING outlined here http://www.insanelym...-graphics-qeci/ and the attachments are proof that everything's working. Next I'll be installing all the other drivers that worked in my initial iAtkos installation and that'll be it!


    Good job guys!


    I'll be donating to this AWESOME forum when I get a hold of some better cash in the next week and I recommend you to do it if you can spare some pizza money! :)




  3. Great work! I'm running an iAtkos ML2 on ThinkPad x201i, with the annoying 8086:0046 Intel HD Graphic 5700MHD. With the kexts provided by @warraisraw, I'm now able to enable QE/CI and 1280*800 resolution. The final problem is backlight not working after wake up from sleep. Actually, the display does work and I'm able to read the very dim screen with a torch :/ The only problem is the backlight.


    Thanks guys. Looking forward to the latest progress!

    Can you please tell me the EXACT procedure you used to so this from the moment you put in the iAtkos ML2 USB/DVD which customization options you enabled/disabled and after it installed what exact kexts and/or resolution.dylib files you put in your S/L/E folder and/or other modifications and tweaks you may have did.


    I would be EXTREMELY grateful as I have the SAME graphics card but am unable to successfully enable QE/CI.


    Thank you!!

  4. UPDATE: It seems I was able to somehow get (partial?) CI support because I am able to play flash videos without skips (which wasn't possible before even though I had the same kext loaded). I repeat, I can play youtube but do not have QE support.


    OpenGL says I'm using Apple's software renderer so I don't know what happened here. Any hints?


  5. I'm sorry, but have you (pentothal, lorius and white_angle) installed Natit.kext? It contains lots of values for the graphics card

    I do use Natit.kext




    This operation was a no go :(


    I either got black screens or kernel panics when I used any kext in combination with Pentothal's Resolution.dylib.


    I am getting frustrated that I am not at least even getting CI support so I'd be able to watch videos (though I suspect during one installation I was able to watch a youtube video without glitches but didn't really pay attention to it at the time - I may have borked something up afterwards - I curse myself for having to do something else at that moment), let alone QE support!


    I have attached the Resolution.dylib I use currently as it may help some other folks to at least get their resolutions right.


    This will probably make me backup most of the kexts that work for me (except the video kexts) and do a completely fresh new installation the following days. I am currently using iAtkos ML2 (though the initial installation was without any drivers, so I supposed it was like a vanilla installation) and will look into completely other methods (any suggestions?).


    Then I will look into following the guide http://www.insanelym...el-hd-graphics/ completely as it is without any other modifications and report back in the following days.


    Thanks a lot guys.

    Resolution that works with FB.dylib.zip

  6. Okay, so booting with MY Resolution.dylib and the appleintelhdgraphics.kext returned a kernel panic. What I am going to do now is re-use Pentothal's resolution.dylib and load all the other intel kexts, then if it isn't working I will try some combinations of them, and hopefuly it will work. Wish me luck! :)

  7. Good Luck!


    P.S. I have graphics enabler set to yes in chameleon and graphics mode set to 1366x768x32

    Here's what happens, I have successfully booted and kext wizard says AppleIntelHDGraphics (8.1.0) is loaded (since that's the only kext I put in), but I have now lost the resolution (currently am on 1024x768). The difference is this time system preferences states that my graphics card has 128 MBs of memory (see the screenshots).


    I am now going to restore ONLY my resolution.dylib to see what happens. I will not restore any other kexts until later.


    oops forgot the screenshots





    what is the HD kext you mean?

    the appleintelhdgraphics.kext

  8. Yes I use the resolution module and I have 1366x768x32 but no QE/CI. I cannot manage to load the FB.

    I have the same problem, I do have the higher resolution without QE/CI as you do, but it resolution only loads if I put the FB singlelink kext in S/L/E, so we're not quite in the same boat. I cannot boot with the ordinary HD kext as I said previously, though. What laptop model are you attempting this on?

  9. I tried that. I got the usual grey screen.




    Are you using the custom Resolution.dylib from the other thread? It may help into booting with a higher resolution, but I can't promise QE/CI.


    i have CI (i can see screensavers' previews) but not QE... but there's something strange. when i use vlc i can see nothing, i think something is going bad with overlays. if i choose YUV video output it stops hanging for lack of quart extreme acceleration..

    Which exact kexts do you have installed and are you using a modified Resolution.dylib? Also what's your configuration? Thanks :)

  10. If anyone's interested, here's how my graphics card is detected in SL 10.8.2 (sys specs in my sig) with the FB and natit kexts (without the standard AppleIntelHDGraphics kext):




    finally i loaded fb kext! i had to turn on nvidia optimus gpu (it was turned off by dsdt) and to delete appleintelhdgraphics.kext. 2 problems remain: black screen after wake and fan shouting!


    intel hd graphics 1st gen + nvidia g310m

    Do you have QE/CI support?

  11. I am using MacBookPro6,1, but I've applied a patch to the kext I'm using. The ones I've posted here do not have this patch applied. The kext uses a different os-info structure depending on the model name. The 4th byte of the os-info structure contains the ORed value of the connectors (0x01 = LVDS, 0x04 = VGA, 0x10 = DisplayPort). The MBP6,1 and MBP6,2 os-info has the value 0x11, which means LVDS + DisplayPort. I think if you don't have a monitor attached to DisplayPort, it may cause it to hang.


    See if this one fixes the pixelated image.

    I was just wondering, I am no hacker myself so I have no idea if it would work, but would it be possible to change the os-info to have the value just for the DisplayPort (and without LVDS) since eDP is just another DisplayPort implementation so we can boot in the machine properly using the Intel HD kexts and get full QE/CI support?

  12. Hi white_eagle,


    I seem to have the same problem as you but i tried you method and still got a black screen.

    Are you using the resolution module?


    Are you sure the kext loaded? Correct System Information is from Natit.


    Best regards,


    I think you may have misunderstood me, I get black screen only when I attempt to load the system with the original AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext or the modified MLDPAppleIntelHDGraphics.kext. If I don't use them at all I can boot it without a problem.


    The black screen we get must be because of the eDP connection we all unluckily share and sadly there doesn't appear to be a fix.


    I am in fact using the Resolution.dylib module from this post as I was unable to compile my own (see the last post of mine in that thread) in conjunction with only the 2 kexts (natit and AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB single link). I think I will try a completely fresh new install and do everything step-by-step once more just to be sure.


    I am not sure how I would be able to check if the kext loaded, but I think it does because when I remove the FB kext I lose the 1366x768x32 resolution and the system info does specify the Intel HD Graphics as it should but also says kext not loaded. I will post screenshots from how they differ tomorrow when I'll be able to log in from the hackintosh.


    ps. I also put my system specs in my signature for future reference.

  13. I managed to boot without safe mode by removing all the graphics kexts, rebuilding the cadche, rebooting, and only after installing ONLY the Natit and AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB kexts I managed to log in successfully with a full 1366x768x32 resolution as per the suggestion in the quote below. My card is properly identified in the system information when I do this.


    Afterwards I tried installing the other Intel HD drivers but sadly according to intel_reg_dumper on Linux my laptop monitor is also connected through eDP (pastebin of said dump) and I get a black screen if I put them there.


    Since this means I absolutely cannot get QE does it mean I can't also get at least CI support somehow? I would love it if a fix came for our problem, this way my hackintosh is not in any way useable for normal day to day stuff. Or maybe I am doing something else wrong? I'm not really sure if I'm using a custom Resolution.dylib (from the other thread about Intel HD graphics) or if I restored the original because I don't want to break my system. I think I am going to attempt that next time.





    What I suggest is delete all the Intel HD Graphics in the Extensions folder. Use kext utility to rebuild the cache. After that go to this post and download the kext.zip attachement



    Drag the Natit and AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB kexts to Kext Utility and it will install them. Reboot.


    *Just make sure your DSDT does not have any reference to Intel HD Graphics. Check the GFX0 (or named as VID) section and make sure there is no DSM method.


    It should just work. Check your Display Preferences and it should show extra resolutions.


    And then later install the other Intel HD Graphics kexts and see what you get..

    About the red bit: I am a bit of a noob in this. I don't think I used a DSDT or had anything to do with such a file, can you tell me where can I check for said file and what to do if there IS a reference to Intel HD Graphics after I remove all kexts?

  14. Hi,


    I installed all the verteks' kexts and I got full resolution but sadly cannot boot without -x flag (safe mode) because there are kernel panics after chameleon finishes loading.


    This is what I get in system report:




    Please tell me what do I need to post here for you to tell me what I did wrong so I'd be able to fix it.


    Thanks and keep up the brilliant work!

  15. If anyone have some time please let it compile for me. This is my DTD: 9A 29 A0 D0 51 84 22 30 50 98 36 00 98 FF 10 00 00 1C

    I'm really need correct Resolution.dylib file.


    That is for 1440x900x32 resolution.


    I'm always get the same error while compiling chameleon with your Resolution files, whatever I do.


    So please, I will appreciate your time to spare on me.

    Well, the resolution.dylib that was attached didn't work for me and I wanted to compile my own Resolution.dylib. Sadly, I'm run into the exact same problem as you do when compiling (the exact same error no matter which file I use), so if anyone else is willing to compile it for me too I would be extremely thankful!


    My DTD is


    BC 1B 56 84 50 00 16 30 30 20 14 00 35 AE 10 00 00 00


    I'm installing it on a 2010 Dell Inspiron 14'' laptop with an i3-380m processor and 1st gen Intel HD Graphics that go with it (on a 1366x768x32 resolution).


    Thanks a bunch!