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  1. Geforce Titan

    My current DSDT doesn't have anything in it with my Titan's device id. So I need to add it, which I don't really know what to add. Mind helping me add the info needed to get the titan running? I attached my DSDT. DSDT.zip
  2. Geforce Titan

    Any idea what the device id is for the k20?
  3. HD 7xxx-Can we eliminate the Sleep Trick?

    7970M doesn't seem to work. Device ID: 6800
  4. Geforce Titan

    Titan still isn't working on 10.8.3. Probably since titan is GK110 based not GK104 like the K5000.
  5. DSDT saves as 0kb

    So this laptop has a 7970M AMD card. I tried the 7970 dsdt injection but when I compile and save it comes out at 0kb. Also sleep isn't working so I have to boot into safe mode. Specs: Intel Core i7 920XM 8GB Ram AMD Radeon HD 7970M
  6. Geforce Titan

    Alright, thank you for your wonderful knowledge on the matter.
  7. Geforce Titan

    So one would have to wait for the 10.8.3 update to be released. So there's no way to make it work with 10.8.2 then? Would the 10.8.3 update also enable quartz extreme for the titan?
  8. Geforce Titan

    Is there anyway currently to get a geforce titan to work with os x, specifically 10.8?