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  1. X_Naruto

    Safari for Windows

    oops sorry typed it wrong XP hmm, well clearly firefox>IE7>Safari I mean until Apple fixes the bugs, like it not working in your Vista.
  2. After skinning it to look just like a Mac, it does look pretty good. ^____~ All seriousness though, I totally feel what you're saying. Tbh I love windows, only thing I like about Macs is how they look. Also the whole security issue is an LOL, I never have viruses or anything on my PC, but I'm also not stupid. Most who get viruses do so by their own ignorance in browsing. "click here!".. *click* And so what if I have to run anti-virus software, doesn't make counter strike source run any less better. XD
  3. X_Naruto

    Safari for Windows

    Excited? Oh well, I'll drop it. =]
  4. X_Naruto


    The refrence is regards to Microsoft's dominance in the market overall. Also, you can spend up to 5 grand or more building a gaming PC.
  5. Those are just the "recommended" system requirements buddy. ^___~ Obviously you can run @ lower ram however @ the cost of some performance. Mininum requirements: 800 Mhz processor & 512mb system ram 20 GB Hard Drive with at least 15 GB of available space Support of super VGA graphics CD-Rom Drive Source
  6. X_Naruto

    Safari for Windows

    Wow, you seem really peeved, calm down man. Btw to the person that said "Safari>Firefox>IE7" Refer to posts #4 & #5 But, it is a beta, so I guess we'll have to see what's next from Apple.