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  1. Hi everybody. - Sorry for my poor english, I'm french. I want to install on my Toshiba Satellite L875-11D iATKOS ML2 (this is a Laptop). You think it will be possible ? Thank you so much. PS : I have this question because the categorie "Toshiba" in the list of the compatible laptop is empty. EDIT : I'm actuelly under Linux Fedora, maybe it will be important (maybe for comands )
  2. Flagadouille

    Help : Ideneb boot "Need to restart you computer"

    Haha this is not what I meant ^ ^ iDeneb costing free. I guess for the next version should have both mountain lion "cracked" and moutain lion original? Yes the price by searching my pockets ... : p
  3. Flagadouille

    Help : Ideneb boot "Need to restart you computer"

    Thanks you. "19 $" The next version will paid ? For the quizz, I've faill 2 time the second (15/20...) and he is unavalaible.
  4. Hello. Sorry for my bad english. Today I've tried to install macOSX with iDeneb. I press a touch for begin the installation, the apple logo display on the screen and I've : "You need to restart you computer" I can boot on the CD, juste at the beggining (10 seconds after the display of the apple logo. I've tried to install with -x : Same error With -f : Same With -v : A ... kernel panic (??) with the error message : 0x000000 My config is : Toshiba Satelite L875-11D BIOS : InsydeH20 version Processor : Intel® Core™ i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz (4CPUs) ~2.5Ghz Memory : 8192MB RAM Graphic card : AMD readon HD 7670M Please help me ... I very like OSX but I haven't more money for buy an apple computer. Flagadouille.