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    My future OSX86

    Well, i read about "the one who's name must not be pronounced". I will start over, without his tools. Cheers man and thank you for your support.
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    My future OSX86

    Hello guys, I know i sound like a n00b and i really am one when it comes to Hackinthosh. Other then that i am a Java developer, a front-end developer and an OC maniac. So, let's start with my build: Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Pro3 CPU: Intel i7 3770K OC @ 4.5GHz GPU: Intel HD4000 (i'm not really into gaming and stuff. I also own a PS3 and a Xbox 360) RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1x8GB CL9 @ 1600MHz HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB / 7200RPM / SATA3 Wireless and BT card: Gigabyte WB300D So far, i managed the following: 1) Mod my UEFI using the PMPatch tool 2) Buy Mac OS Mountain Lion from AppStore, install it on my MacBook Pro and create the bootable USB using ##### 1.7.0 3) Apply the mod to the USB stick so that i can dual boot Windows 8 and Mac OS on the same HDD without wiping it 4) Install Mac OS Mountain Lion on the HDD Now, here were i face problems: 1) After installing it, the OS boots without problems 2) I use ##### and i install the following: 2a) User DSDT / DSDT-free installation (i do not place any dsdt file on the desktop) 2b) check the ALC892 audio driver under the "Without DSDT" category 2c) check NULLCPUPOWERMANAGEMENT 2d) check APPLERTL8169 under the network drivers 2e) check the latest version of Mac Mini under system definition 2f) check Chimera 2g) check the FakeSMC + FakeSMC plugins 3) I use the classic procedure until ##### installs everything 4) I restart my PC 5) BOOM! The image is damaged (some colors appear on the screen but the sound works (i tried using "CTRL+ALT+DEL")) My questions are: 1) What things should i check in ##### for the above configuration? 1a) The sound chipset is ALC892 1b) The ethernet chipset is RTL8111E 1c) The wireless + BT chipset is AR5BWB222 2) Are there any chances for the WiFi to work? The BT works fine, but for WiFi i didn't find something useful. I know that the chipset is very bad for Hackintosh 3) What other procedures should i do? Sorry for my bad English, but my "natal" language is Romanian. Cheers guys.